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Simple Status Monitoring System Keeps Hotel Chain Open for Business

21-Feb-2017 11:32:33

Failure that can cost your business, and your reputation. 

A major nationwide hotel chain with hundreds of sites nationally, including 20 within central London were looking for a solution to keep their pumps running.

All the hotels depend on providing constant hot and cold running water and a fully-functioning effluent removal system for guests. If and when these fail to be operational, it is an offence to let rooms. So in the event of a breakdown in either system, the hotel has to be closed down and guests ejected. In a central London hotel, with rooms costing around £100 a night or more, this incurs considerable costs in refunds, not to mention inconvenience and reputational damage.

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The Business of Pleasure

19-Aug-2016 09:13:26

Behind every great day out on the rides at Blackpool Pleasure Beach is some highly sophisticated equipment. And there’s some that’s not quite so sophisticated, as Victor Harris, Business Unit Manager for ERIKS, explained at the latest ERIKS and Festo Machine Safety Event.

The mercury arc rectifier was invented in 1902, using a cold cathode gas-filled tube and a pool of liquefied mercury as a self-restoring cathode. The result was a rugged, long-lasting drive solution, which caught the eye of the engineers at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

Just four years later, the builders of the latest attraction at the Beach installed a mercury arc rectifier in the drive system of the Sir Hiram Maxim Flying Machines ride.

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When Cutting 2,500 Wires Improved Efficiency

24-Mar-2016 11:11:15

Bulk materials handling operations at the Fiddlers Ferry power coal plant have traditionally been carried out from a control desk linked to a mimic panel: a physical display with a pictorial representation of the coal plant, with indicators showing whether the status of the plant is running, stopped, isolated or fault.

This requires thousands of wires to provide connectivity to the PLCs of coal-carrying conveyors, blenders and other equipment. But the system is now more reliable and more efficient, and almost all the wiring has been eliminated – thanks to virtualisation.

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