SealTEC Metallic Gaskets Exclusive to ERIKS

21-Apr-2017 13:18:14

At the forefront of fluid sealing and gasket manufacture for over 100 years, Leader Gasket Technologies has launched the SealTEC Metallic range, exclusively for ERIKS.

Available in a wide range of styles and materials the new range encompasses Spiral Wound Gaskets for use in all industry flanges; Camprofile gaskets as a high quality, low emission solution – ideally suited to difficult sealing environments and the ElastaGraph Gasket offering excellent sealability over traditional corrugated designs and the most economical way of meeting low emissions requirements.

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Having a Bit of Gyp?

13-Apr-2017 06:10:00

We know a man, who knows a man...

When a British plasterboard manufacturer faced a challenging project, it was ERIKS who they chose to help them supervise and co-ordinate, and ultimately to deliver a successful conclusion.

It’s not often that an engineering project – whether it’s a repair, a refurbishment or a replacement – is straightforward. And when components are being supplied by manufacturers from across Europe, it only adds to the complications.

It’s at times like these you need a project management team with the experience and the know-how to take control.

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Introducing ISOLine™ from IMI Precision

04-Apr-2017 06:03:00

IMI Precision Engineering is releasing a new platform pneumatic actuator range, ISOLine™ at this years Hannover Messe. Built on reliable and robust IMI Norgren technology, ISOLine™ offers a ‘fit and forget’ system that simplifies installation, increases service life and reduces maintenance costs.

Enhancing the movement of man’s most marvellous machines, the ISOLine range introduces the IMI Norgren Adaptive Cushioning System (ACS). ACS automatically adjusts the cylinder cushioning for changing loads, so manual cushion screw setting is not required. It also removes the need for specialist knowledge and simplifies the installation process, for safer, smoother operation.

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Hazard Free Engineering Adhesives

04-Apr-2017 06:03:00

Protecting our workforce and environment through ever tightening health and safety rules has a double edge.  Of course, it’s in everyone’s interests but for those whose job it is to evaluate the suitability of hazard-labelled products against process needs and company policy, tougher legislation means a lot more work.

The quick fix is to select products that are free from hazard labelling.  In reality though, are they as effective as their counterparts whose constituents require them to display health and safety symbols?  In the case of the LOCTITE® Health and Safety range from Henkel, the answer is a resounding ‘yes’. 

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Are You Maintaining Your Standards?

03-Apr-2017 15:13:18

Since 1st January this year a new standard for motor efficiency has come into force, with fines for non-compliance. But even though it’s been in the pipeline since 2011, many people are still unaware of what it involves and what their responsibilities are. ERIKS has all the information you need to save you from being caught out.

The IE3 European Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS) is now mandatory for all 2, 4 and 6 pole single speed, three-phase induction motors from 0.75-375kW, rated up to 1,000V. This means manufacturers and suppliers can only sell you an IE2 motor if it’s already in their stocks and if you are going to fit it with a variable speed drive.

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Safety is in Your Hands

28-Mar-2017 10:43:45

The waste and recycling industry is a dangerous one to work in. It’s true that the number of accidents has fallen in recent years – but it’s still four times higher than the national average, and even double the rate in manufacturing and construction. Fortunately, reducing accidents further can be as quick and easy as putting on a pair of gloves.

Construction poses dangers from falling masonry and falls from scaffolding, for example. Manufacturing can involve heavy machinery and fast-moving components. Waste and recycling’s dangers may not be so obvious or so dramatic, but they still have to be faced every day, and they can be life-changing too.

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SKF Seizes Counterfeit Bearings in West Yorkshire Raid

21-Mar-2017 18:15:45

SKF has participated in a raid against a company trading counterfeit bearings in the West Yorkshire area.

A raid, led by members of the West Yorkshire Trading Standards authority alongside staff from SKF's Brand Protection Team, has resulted in the seizure of counterfeit bearings which otherwise could have been sold on to unsuspecting industrial customers and end-users. Several thousands of bearings, of more than170 different types and sizes were seized, with an estimated total weight of 1.5 tons. A wide range of products was seized, including items used in automotive applications as well as industrial machinery.

During the raid, SKF learned that counterfeit goods had been sold on to many customers in the UK by the non-authorised distributor. Bearings from other brands, allegedly sourced from the same suppliers as the counterfeit SKF products, are also suspected to be non-genuine.
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The Inside Story to ERIKS Regional Hubs

20-Mar-2017 11:57:47

What’s inside the new ERIKS Regional Hubs to help your productivity, efficiency and sustainability?

An earlier issue of Know+How looked at the new ERIKS Regional Hubs, and how they’re bringing the resources of a national organisation to easily accessible, local hubs. So exactly what kind of resources can you expect to find in your nearest ERIKS Regional Hub, to help improve your performance, productivity and profitability?

What the Regional Hubs are not is just as important as what they are. Because they’re definitely not just a shop front or a forwarding address, trying to put a regional presence on a centralised organisation. What they are is a fully resourced, fully stocked, fully supported source of ERIKS know-how, products and experience, brought right to where you want it.

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Simply Safer in Waste and Recycling

01-Mar-2017 07:26:05

Five in every hundred workers were affected by work-related illnesses in the waste industry in 2014/15. Five thousand were injured at work. 16,000-145,000 working days were lost on average in 2009/10 to 2014/15. And fines across the waste and recycling industry totalled over £2,063,000.* Ignoring health and safety is clearly not a safe thing to do.

It’s very easy for an employee to forget that their safety gloves won’t last forever or to think that standing on a concrete floor won’t do any harm. But in the waste sector, it’s not easy to overlook a fatal injury rate that’s up to twenty times the all-industry standard, and an injury rate that’s around double.

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Simple Status Monitoring System Keeps Hotel Chain Open for Business

21-Feb-2017 11:32:33

Failure that can cost your business, and your reputation. 

A major nationwide hotel chain with hundreds of sites nationally, including 20 within central London were looking for a solution to keep their pumps running.

All the hotels depend on providing constant hot and cold running water and a fully-functioning effluent removal system for guests. If and when these fail to be operational, it is an offence to let rooms. So in the event of a breakdown in either system, the hotel has to be closed down and guests ejected. In a central London hotel, with rooms costing around £100 a night or more, this incurs considerable costs in refunds, not to mention inconvenience and reputational damage.

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