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The Heat is On for Bearing Installation and Lubrication

08-Jan-2018 05:27:00

Heat, either directly applied or generated in service, plays a significant role in the life of a bearing, being both beneficial and potentially detrimental at different stages of its lifecycle. SKF's Phil Burge, Marketing and Communications Manager explains how heat can be used beneficially as an aid to bearing installation, and describes the negative effects that excessive heat will have on lubricants when the bearing is in service.

Heat is the inevitable result of friction in rotating machinery and bearings are in the front line where friction is concerned. Their role is to reduce it, thereby minimising internal temperature rises and their unwanted consequences such as lubricant deterioration and premature bearing failure. But heat has a very positive role to play at the earliest stage of the bearing’s lifecycle when it is prepared for installation on a shaft or within a housing.

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Topics: News, Best Practice, Bearings & Lubrication

Food Grade Bearings Seal the Deal

08-Jun-2016 08:37:46

Phil Burge, Country Communication Manager at SKF, explains how specially designed SKF bearings help to reduce the chance of product recalls in the food industry.

Product recalls in the food industry – a nightmare that every company needs to avoid – are often caused by hard or sharp objects finding their way into the product.

Food safety management systems like HACCP place huge emphasis on safe food production, meaning that components such as rubber seals should be food-safe – or easily detectable. This is carefully controlled by rules from both the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Community (EC).

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Topics: News, Innovation, Bearings & Lubrication, Food & Beverage

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