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Improved Cleanliness, Lower Downtime with Fenner

15-Feb-2017 14:05:52

How long would it take your business to recover from a product recall? Probably longer than you think. Research shows that a product recall due to contamination can slash sales by at least 25% in the two months following.

And how big a fine or how long a prison sentence could you be facing as a result? Under new sentencing guidelines effective from 1st February, an unlimited fine and/or two years’ custody if health and safety guidelines have been breached.

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ERIKS and WEG: Bespoke Motors that Drive Productivity

27-Oct-2016 10:35:10

Motor failure is a nightmare made worse by the need to decide under pressure whether to repair or replace. However, your nightmare can be resolved by the dream team of ERIKS and WEG.

ERIKS’ Total Cost of Ownership online calculator helps you decide between repair and replacement. Then you can rely on ERIKS for a full repair capability, or on WEG for a cost-effective replacement.

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Under Less Pressure to Perform with WEG

09-Nov-2015 16:13:47

WEG-oil-and-gasOil and gas fields usually rely largely on natural pressure to help the extraction process. But as fields become depleted and the natural pressure begins to fade, extraction becomes more difficult. Engineers working in Oman approached WEG for help in enhancing their gas recovery, with bespoke variable speed drive systems.

Boosting extraction from their depleting reserves is part of a US$33 billion project aimed at enhancing Oman’s hydrocarbon production capabilities, and helping the country to broaden its economic base - unlocking about one trillion cubic metres of natural gas over the next 25 years, providing a long-term competitive feedstock for its petrochemical industry.

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WEG M Line Motor, Fit for Purpose

12-Feb-2015 09:05:00

Sometimes, it's not the output voltage, torque, speed or even the cost of a motor which determines a customer's choice. It's simply whether or not it fits.

That was the main concern for Sims Metal Management when they asked WEG to supply a new HV Motor for their metal recycling plant in Newport, Wales.

Maintaining operational efficiency – and minimising downtime – are key concerns for Sims, who can process up to 1,200 tonnes of scrap metal every single day at their Newport site. The metal is brought in by several regular customers as well as members of the public, and can include a huge variety of items.

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Motor Driven Systems Conference 2014 - A Full Experience

10-Nov-2014 09:30:00

This year’s Motor Driven Systems Conference attracted the attention of many delegates, interested in broadening their knowledge for generating energy savings from motor driven apparatus – pumps, fans and compressors. 

The event was held in the impressive Advanced Manufacturing Research Park in Rotherham, property of the University in Sheffield.

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Cool and Calculating Customer Cuts

28-Oct-2014 11:54:00

Cutting energy costs and reducing their carbon footprint is a challenge faced by almost all ERIKS’ customers. With ERIKS’ help, one customer approached the problems in a cool and carefully calculated way which has delivered sizeable savings.

When your annual electricity bill is around £3 million, even a small percentage saving on energy costs represents a significant sum. So a leading automotive component manufacturer in Belfast decided to take steps to cut its energy bill down to size.

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Improve Performance. Save Energy. Reduce Costs.

14-Oct-2014 08:00:00

Broaden your knowledge about generating energy savings from motor driven apparatus by attending the Motor Driven Systems (MDS) Conference on the 29th October in the AMRC, Rotherham.

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EU MEPS Legislation, What Does It All Mean?

10-Oct-2014 09:30:00

A New Standard in Motor Efficiency

In this age of climate change and energy efficiency the EU have imposed strict new legislation governing the manufacture of industrial electric motors which will see an increase in the minimum permitted motor efficiency. 

With as much as 70% of industry's energy consumption being directly attributed to electric motors, the UK Government estimate that these changes will provide savings in the region of £200 million per year to UK businesses, as well as saving at least 1 million tonnes of CO2.

What is the EU MEPS Scheme?

The EU MEPS (European Minimum Energy Performance Standard) scheme sets mandatory minimum efficiency levels for electric motors introduced into the European market. 

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Driving Fast Payback with WEG Synchronous Motors

03-Jul-2014 08:04:00

So why do synchronous motors offer such significant and speedy savings?

Essentially it’s thanks to the motor’s ability to reduce electrical energy costs, and improve energy efficiency, by correcting power factor on the motor power supply. In addition, they provide high torques and constant speed under load variation, which results in low operating and low maintenance costs.

These benefits explain the use of the motors in a wide range of industries, including mining and quarrying, steel, pulp and paper, wood processing, sewage, chemicals and petrochemicals, cement and oil. Applications in these industries include crushers, mills and conveyor belts; fans, pumps and compressors; pulp and paper extruders; wood chippers and debarkers; and fans and water injection pumps.

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Best Practice Asset Management

19-Jun-2014 13:48:00

We help you to understand the importance of asset management and understanding the total cost of ownership of your motor.

Looking after your key assets and maintaining their health, avoiding costly downtime is a main concern for any business, applying best practice asset management is key.

Total Cost of Ownership

With the Government now implementing more legislation about the efficiency of motors, companies have to become increasingly savvy, understanding the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of their motor is one of the ways in which companies can do this.

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