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5 Top Tips to Improve and Maintain Machine Performance

07-Feb-2017 13:14:39

Managing industrial automation machinery is complex these days. Limited budgets and production pressures challenge busy maintenance professionals.

But small tweaks in the right places can make a big difference,

For example, cutting energy consumption is a big priority for many OEMs and end users. The good news is, improving conventional technology can sometimes achieve major savings for your business without breaking the bank. 

Take a look at Parker's Top 5 Tips to improve and maintain machine performance...

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Not Just Tough But MegaTuff™

08-Dec-2016 11:21:50

Most hydraulic hose is not really that tough, that's why it needs spring guards and nylon sleeving to give it any chance of surviving more than five minutes in harsh environment. But MegaTuff hose from Gates is tough by name and tough by nature.

Abrasion is the enemy of ordinary hydraulic hose. Continually rubbing against metal or other hoses, a hydraulic hose will soon wear away, spring a leak and need replacing. Even with a spring guard or nylon sleeving, most hydraulic hose can’t stand up to constant abrasion, day after day. Which means you end up replacing the same hose again and again, costing you money every time. However, there is an alternative.

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The Whole Kit and Caboodle

20-Jun-2016 08:55:26

Kitting solutions for OEMs are nothing new. In fact they’re an acknowledged way to achieve lean manufacturing and value engineering. But there are kits of components – and then there are kits of components that come packaged with added-value design and engineering support, application expertise, distribution and logistics excellence, and all-round know-how.

Supplying kits saves time, increases efficiency and reduces the possibility of assembly errors. Adding value to those kits can also help add value to the end-products.

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Save on Hoses for Starters

21-Sep-2015 07:30:00

Manufacturing your own hydraulic hose assemblies is a sure-fire way to save money. And you can save even more if you purchase a Gates starter kit from ERIKS.

Gates have been manufacturing hydraulic hose for over 100 years. Now they’ve put together a starter kit so you can make your own hose assemblies on site, using high-quality Gates hose and connectors, and an easy to use self-assembly machine. But you won’t just save on the cost of making the assemblies.

With Gates’ special offer, you can also get a power-operated crimper for the unbelievable price of just £1!

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Safety Under Pressure with Gates Hydraulics

15-Jul-2015 08:15:00

If someone fired a gun at you at work, or stabbed you with a hypodermic needle, you’d expect it to be recorded as an injury. Yet hydraulics – which can propel liquids at the speed of a bullet, and which can penetrate skin like an injection – are not a recognised safety hazard unless or until they cause a lost-time injury or a fatality.

As a result, there’s a lack of data about the number of industrial injuries caused by hydraulics. Meanwhile, the temperatures and pressures at which hydraulic systems operate are increasing, whichmeans the danger they represent is also increasing.

Clearly what’s required is increased protection for nearby machine operators and other personnel, in the event of a hydraulic hose burst or pinhole leak.

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Topics: News, Fluid Power, Hydraulics

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