SealTEC Metallic Gaskets Exclusive to ERIKS

Having a Bit of Gyp?

Introducing ISOLine™ from IMI Precision

Hazard Free Engineering Adhesives

Are You Maintaining Your Standards?

Safety is in Your Hands

SKF Seizes Counterfeit Bearings in West Yorkshire Raid

The Inside Story to ERIKS Regional Hubs

Simply Safer in Waste and Recycling

Simple Status Monitoring System Keeps Hotel Chain Open for Business

Industry 4.0 We've Got Your Number

Improved Cleanliness, Lower Downtime with Fenner

Be Prepared for Winter Maintenance with Loctite

Less Work, Less Cost, Less Stress

Lasts Longer Than Long-Life Milk

5 Top Tips to Improve and Maintain Machine Performance

The Chain (and braces) Way to Avoid Downtime

ULTAGE Super Precision Bearings to be Produced in Europe

Devaluation - A Double Edged Sword

Schaeffler Explains The X Factor

When a Quick Fix is all you Need…

Going Green - Britain Goes Coal Free for Almost 6 Full Days

Pick up a Python

A Food Industry Guide to Lubrication-free Chain

When the Going gets Tough…

Can Partial Discharge Testing Improve your HV Motor Reliability?

All in Good Taste

Make Do and Mend: Remanufacturing Makes Sense

Save 60% in Your Pneumatic Systems

Is Chocolate a Strategic National Asset?

Not Just Tough But MegaTuff™

Bearing Secrets Every Engineer Should Know

All You Need To Keep Quarry Plant Working Efficiently

Access All Areas with OKS

New Stopper Cylinder Range from SMC

Getting the Most Out of Chain Demands Careful Selection

Automation without Contamination

Together for Life

DeWalt Cutting the Cord - Not The Power

The Wizard Solution from Oz

Beating the Drum for Liquids from Lutz

Locked-in Safer Maintenance from Ambersil

Face-to-Face with Obsolescence

Is Your Filtration Solution Hiding Horrors?

ERIKS and WEG: Bespoke Motors that Drive Productivity

UK Steel Industry Given Boost From Major US Defence Contact

Giving Food Production a Clean Sheet

How Housing Kits Can Boost Bearings

A Major Cause of Industrial Injury, and How to Protect Against It

4 Steps to Better Bearings from NTN-SNR

Safety Gets the Lime-Green Light from Rexnord

An Explosive Topic Neutralised by RX

World 1st for Hand Hygiene

Food Industry Trends to Digest

Brexit Triggers Review of Hygiene Regulations for UK Food Industry

Structured for Service

Don't Miss Out on our Engineering Open Day at ERIKS Gateshead!

No Certificate can Mean No Business

Putting Safety in the Dock

The Business of Pleasure

Roller Bearings Seal the Deal

There's Danger in the Air

Top Tips for Improved Air Preparation from Festo

NSK unveils AIP+ Added Value Programme

Vital Chain in the Link

When Pump Inefficiency Won’t Wash

Putting Health, Safety and Productivity on a Firmer Footing

How SKF Lengthens Bearing Service Life by the Power of 3

Five Frustrating Fan Issues and Five Fantastic Solutions

The Golden Rules of Saving Lives

Making Shock (Loads) Less Shocking

Would a Coat Make Your Pump More Efficient?

The Whole Kit and Caboodle

Don't Be A Lubricants Dipstick Choose Total

Food Grade Bearings Seal the Deal

Setting New Standards in Gasket Emission Reduction

How To Catch The Ones That Get Away

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Dispelling the myths surrounding linear guidance systems

Brexit: It's the Uncertainty I Can't Stand!

SMC Flow Switch Offering Becomes Broadest on Market

Reduce Costs by €80,000 Per Year

Five Top Tips for Keeping the Fans Happy

Invisible, Indispensable - and Inherently Risky?

Concrete Doesn't Cut it for Wearwell

Challenging the Norm with the Munsch Mega Mammut Pump

Get Ahead of the EU Meps Legislation

ERIKS ATEX Capabilities are Expanding

Sharing a Shrinking Market Across the Steel Industry

Expertly Handled Materials Handling Solutions

Repair or Replace: The Key Criteria for Drive Decision-Makers

Optimising Your Fan Systems

Monitoring Materials Handling

When Cutting 2,500 Wires Improved Efficiency

Materials Handling Made Easy with Bosch Rexroth

Pitch Perfect Precision from Renold

Safe Systems – Protecting Operators and their Machines

5 Reasons Why You Need SKF Linear Ball Bearings and Units

The Cushion That Helps You Relax from Festo

Efficiency You Can Rely On from Grundfos

Simalube Impulse Making Lubrication Even Easier

Taking Control of Cost and Inventory in an Accountable Way

Protect your plant – and your customers

How to Avoid the Second Most Common Occupational Health Problem

The Appliance of Fenner SCIENCE

Is your oil damaging your equipment?

Beware the Risks of Importing a Low-cost Industrial Lighting System

The Combination That Unlocks Savings

Top 10 Tips for Maximising Bearing Service Life

How Can You Help Improve Your Employee's Health?

SMC Explain Why No Reaction is a Good Reaction

In Hazardous Environments How Does Your PPE Fair?

Throwing New Light on Condition Monitoring

From A to B via Fenner Conveyor Chain

The First Easily Removeable Graphite Gasket

Coupling Counselling with Rexnord

The UK's Biggest Stocktake

On Yer Bike for Continuous Improvement

What are Engineers Describing as "Frustrating, Morale Sapping, a Mess"

What's the Point of Pump Efficiency?

ESOS, if you Haven’t Started, are you Finished?

Research Paper Discovers Black Hole in Factory Stores

Productivity (Belt) Drive with Fenner

Under Less Pressure to Perform with WEG

A Solution for Every Shaft from Fenner

There's Something in the 'Clean' Air

Will REACH Be a Stretch For You?

The Quarter Million Bearing Saving

Electrical or Pneumatic Components, Which are More Energy Efficient?

Fenner Adapted Chain Provide the Vital Link

Untangling Industrial Hose Specification in the Chemical Industry

The Next (Foot)step in Energy Generation

Never Be Caught Out with ERIKS Condition Monitoring Solutions

Unique Gasket Kitting Solution Prevents Corrosion

The Savings That Didn't Get Away...

How Many Ways Can You Resolve a Gearbox Issue?

RX Launches New Range of Industrial Wiping Products

Green Technologies Lead the Way in Securing Innovation Funding

A Quick Guide on the Latest ESOS Legislation

Save on Hoses for Starters

'Significant' Oil Discovery Made in Sussex Hills

Automatic Tool Changer Achieves New High Level of Efficiency

Cleaning Up Confusion, for Less with RX Maintenance Sprays

£1.3bn Offshore Wind Farm Given Green Light

Putting your water treatment works on the map

Compressed Air Treatment – A Guide to Filtration and Drying

Going Beyond Zero On Enviromental Impacts with SKF

ERIKS Unveils New Range of Spiral Wound Gaskets

Synchronous Belts Leading a Quiet Revolution

UK Set for Back-To-Back Economic Growth

Meet TIM WOOD and Avoid the Seven Deadly Wastes

Online Condition Monitoring Systems Predict Azimuth Failure

Solar Power Could Be Cheaper Than Fossil Fuels in 5 Years

Repair or Replace: The Key Criteria for Pump Decision-Makers

Searching For Bearing Closure with NSK

Safety at Your Fingertips with RX

Reduce Maintenance Costs and Downtime with Simalube

Food Safety - Best Practice Tips from Festo

ERIKS Helps Ice Breaker Meet SOLAS Requirements

Safety Under Pressure with Gates Hydraulics

Top 10 Tips for Industrial Gearbox Inspection and Maintenance

The Drive to Conserve Energy

Seeing the Light on LEDs

Your Opportunity to Save with ESOS

Maximising Pump Efficiency

Looking at Energy Loss

The A-ZZ of Freewheels

National Women in Engineering Day

Should You Repair, Replace or Upgrade? Yes!

When Water Can Kill...

Britain on Cusp of Fourth Industrial Revolution...

Maximising Production Efficiency with Schaeffler

ERIKS EMS Helps Channel 4 to Launch WWII Submarine

To Join Them, You Can't Beat Them - Couplings

Sewage, Getting to the Bottom of it...

Food and Drink Driving Growth in UK Manufacturing

EU Recognise Optical Gas Imaging as Way to Detect VOCs

High Wire Act

Submersible Pumps vs Surface Mounted Self-Priming Pumps

Skills Crisis Remains in the Engineering Sector

Pumps Best Practice 2010 at the Pump Centre Conference!

Even the Choice of Bearings is Tough from Timken

The Problems Bubbling Under Your Treatment Plant

ERIKS Marine and Condition Monitoring Know-How in Action

A Split Bearing Solution Secures Significant Savings

Lubrication: Not When, But How

If You Don't Switch it Off, I Can't Repair It!

How to Clamp Down on Ducting Assembly Costs

WD-40, It Simply Works!

ERIKS Offer Repair or Replace on Royal Navy Frigates

Permanent Antistatic Hose Solutions for Bulk Materials

When Saving Money on Gearboxes Costs You Money

ERIKS Engineers Prevent Unplanned Layovers to Fit Coils

10 Industrial Lighting Terms Explained

Accidents Happen - The Importance of Risk Reduction

Waste Crime Costing the UK Nearly £600m a Year

The 2020 Energy and Climate Package and Beyond

WEG M Line Motor, Fit for Purpose

ERIKS Marine Know-How Secures Health Care Maintenance Work

Hose Asset Management System Offers Complete Tracking

Wearable Technology - the Future of Wellbeing

Multi-Spectral Imaging from FLIR

5 Lighting Solutions for Energy Efficient Warehouse Operations

Important Things to Know About Solid Contaminants

Industry 4.0 Needs to be Rescued from Over-Excited Techies

Calculating the Payback of a New Industrial Lighting System

A Saving The (New) Earth Solution

Top Tips to Avoid Tipple Tax this Dry January

Can Serious Investment in Nuclear Power Bring UK Energy Security Back?

Lean Supplies: Where People Meet Process

The Effects of Flooding on your Wastewater Stations

Benefits of Installing a New Industrial Lighting System

Risk of a Suspended Sub-Sea Load? Not When ERIKS Are On-Board!

5 Things to Expect from Your Lighting Solutions Provider

Merry Christmas from ERIKS!

Preventative Maintenance: Averting Gearbox Failures

How to Conduct an Industrial Lighting Audit

Industry Urged to Act on Inefficient Energy Management Policies

Four Strategies for Reducing Industrial Lighting Costs

ERIKS’ Marine and Condition Monitoring Expertise Prevent Downtime

UK Industry Wasting Millions as Cost of Poor Maintenance Mounts Up

Infographic: 100 Years of Industrial Lighting Trends

How Does a Change of Filter Help Reduce Energy Bills?

Below the Belt - Are Your Pulleys Costing You?

£1.2bn ‘Green Energy’ Cable Gets the Go-ahead

An Innovative Solution for a Sewage Treatment Plant

Grundfos Hygienic Pumps Ensure Peace of Mind and Efficiency

Millennia 2G: The Next Generation of Stylish Safety Eyewear

Motor Driven Systems Conference 2014 - A Full Experience

Condition Monitoring in the Marine Industry

UK Industry Offered £10 million to Improve Energy Efficiency

Cool and Calculating Customer Cuts

Is your Stockroom Costing your Business Money?

Top 10 Tips for Pump Efficiency

Smoothing the Way to Energy Savings

Improve Performance. Save Energy. Reduce Costs.

EU MEPS Legislation, What Does It All Mean?

Smart Systems A Game Changer for Business Energy Users

Cranes Not Such a Tall Order for ERIKS

Squeezing Savings from Compressed Air with Festo

Helping the Sustainable Society Run Smoothly

Building Sustainable Businesses Helps Build Business

Perhaps Tony Benn was Right all Along!

How Safe is your MRO Supply Chain?

Belt Drive Performance - It’s All About The Fenner S.C.I.E.N.C.E.

Selecting the Right Seal for Split Roller Bearings

ERIKS Asset Guard, Thinking Outside the Box

Generator Refurbishment Enables RMAS Salmaid to Set Sail On Time

Come and Have a Waffle!

Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme; A Real Opportunity

Visit Us At SMM!

The Truth About Quality: Counterfeit bearings and the consequences

NSK Helping You Achieve Production Targets

What Keeps You Awake At Night?

Reduce Stocking Costs

ERIKS Explore the Ocean Floor

Less Is More with RX Maintenance Sprays

Best Practice Tips for Efficient Pumps

Timken Solving the Housing Crisis

Let Our Condition Monitoring Sensor System Take Care of Your Baby

e-Business Solutions

Now the Dust has Settled on Hillhead...

Reducing Stores Costs

Split Initiative - Revolvo Split Roller Bearings

Driving Fast Payback with WEG Synchronous Motors

How Much Can You Save On-Site?

Best Practice Asset Management

Protecting Your Employees

Scotland Leads the Way-ste

Get the Best Efficiency from Geared Motors

Engineers’ Lost Time

Optimising your Engineering Stores

Bearings from SKF, Double the Life and Half the Trouble

Aiming for Prevention

What can ERIKS Marine Services do for you?

Breathe More Easily

What Price Energy Security?

More Apprentices, Less Stress

There's Nothing Mechanical About Automation

Are You Safe from Gas Explosions?

ERIKS Pioneers New Elau Servo Motor Test and Repair Service

Top 10 Tips - Motors

Top 10 Tips - Hose Assembly

ERIKS Rescue Flooded Royals

How Long Is a Piece of Hose?

Top 10 Tips for Selecting the Right Gasket

Separating Frack from Friction

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