Perfect Timing

21-Dec-2017 04:57:00

In time to meet the increasing demands on machines, and the need for higher-performance belts, ContiTech have introduced the strongest rubber timing belt in their range.

Available in HTD, STD and CTD sections, and an 8M pitch, this new belt from ContiTech makes light work of heavy-duty drive applications.

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SKF Cooper Split Roller Bearings

20-Dec-2017 05:09:00

To reduce machinery maintenance and repair downtime, whether planned or through bearing failure, SKF Cooper split roller bearings are the ideal solution.

SKF Cooper bearings are split to the shaft, making them ideal for inaccessible or trapped locations, such as between a head pulley and gearbox or motor, and eliminate the need to dismount associated equipment.

Split to the shaft bearings disassemble into smaller components, easing the task of lifting and handling, and making assembly or changeout simple, even in the most cramped and inaccessible locations. Clearances are pre-set, so no need for on-site adjustment, and no specialist fitting tools are required.

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Having Your Cake and Eating It

19-Dec-2017 03:34:00

Food and beverage manufacturers want to have the best of all possible worlds: optimum cost-efficiency, combined with consistently high standards of hygiene, and exceptional flexibility for product, packaging and pack size variation. When you not only want to make your cake, but have it and eat it too, process and factory automation technology solutions from Festo can help.

Continuous production processes need to be reliable as well as efficient. The most effective way of ensuring both is through automation – of mixing and stirring, sterilisation, pasteurisation, homogenisation, filtration, dosing, weighing, filling and storage.

Semi-rotary actuators and linear drives, powered by high-quality air prepared to ISO standards, can open and close process valves throughout the plant. The air quality also plays an important part in ensuring hygiene, and in optimising the reliability and life of the control system.

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Officially First for Quality

14-Dec-2017 05:57:00

Rexnord has become the first chain manufacturer in the UK to be awarded ISO 9001:2015 for quality management.

More than 20 years after it was awarded its certification for achieving the original ISO 9001 quality standard, the company’s site in Bredbury, Stockport has met all the requirements of the latest update of the standard.
The new certification proves the company has lost none of its commitment to exceeding customers’ expectations in the intervening decades.

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Leader by Name Leader by Nature

12-Dec-2017 05:03:00

A new brand launched recently by ERIKS has a name that couldn’t be more appropriate. Leader Gasket Technologies is already leading the way with its product range – and in particular with its new Elastagraph® emission reduction gasket, which sets new standards in its field.

Fugitive emissions are a growing concern for many businesses, due not only to safety concerns but also to the need to meet ever-more stringent environmental legislation, or to achieve increasingly ambitious CSR KPIs. Although the Leader Elastagraph® is a relatively new product, it’s backed by all relevant quality certifications, has already been proven in use, and its unique combination of features and benefits enables fugitive emission control to 50ppm or lower.

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Pump Bearings: Designed for Reliability and Long Life

07-Dec-2017 06:26:00

New bearing development from SKF that promises improved speed, reduced friction, better reliability, and longer service life for pumps.

Often to be found at the heart of a process or manufacturing operation, the ubiquitous pump is frequently taken for granted, being expected to operate continually while receiving minimal maintenance over the course of its life. A pump's performance will change over time, depending upon its operating conditions, its materials of construction, hydraulic design and mechanical robustness. From the perspective of mechanical design, bearings – and more particularly the type of pump motor bearings selected - will have a considerable impact on a pump's long term reliability, its energy efficiency and life expectancy.

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New Rocol Grease Boosts Equipment Performance

28-Nov-2017 04:30:00

ROCOL has launched a brand new anti-seize and assembly grease to help food processers reduce machine disassembly time, avoid damage to costly components and extend equipment life.

Developed specifically for food and drink processing facilities, the new FOODLUBE Anti-Seize grease prevents galling and seizure of joints and fasteners. It retains its consistency and doesn’t set firm even in high temperature or humid environments, making it particularly effective for use in areas where regular wash-downs, controlled machine assembly or easy dismantling are required.

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You Can't Escape Responsibilities From Gas Escapes

23-Nov-2017 05:12:00

Leaving the EU won’t let you off the hook where VOC leaks are concerned. The EU Directive on Industrial Emissions will still remain part of British law. So if you store or handle gases you will still be required – in the words of the Directive – to “control emissions using the best available techniques.” But do you know what those techniques are?

A mechanical “sniffer” is one way to find a leak – as long as the leak’s not near a draught, outside on a windy day, or too small to trip an alert. Or you can pressure test – though that means shutting down and flushing out the system, with several days’ lost production as a result. Or you can go low-tech and smear soapy water around, then look for bubbles.

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Maintaining Skill Levels in Modern Manufacturing

21-Nov-2017 04:53:00

‘What happens if I train my staff and they leave?” is a question often asked by business owners and managers. It’s usually met with the response of “What if I don’t train them and they stay?”.

The ‘skills gap’ in manufacturing is widely debated, but it means different things depending on the area of operations you are involved in. In a recent survey, 55 per cent of respondents said they need to develop in-house technical capability.

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On an Emissions Mission

19-Nov-2017 04:45:00

Industry has been getting particularly excited about condition monitoring over the past few years. It’s easy to understand why: at its most sophisticated, it has the potential to significantly reduce the amount of downtime needed for repairs and maintenance, eliminates expensive damage to equipment, and focuses resource where it is needed.

The Synchroforce Carbon is a heavy-duty belt with a carbon tension member. Combining carbon fibres – which scarcely stretch even under high tensile loads – and a compound specially designed to cope with high demands,the new belt is a durable drive solution for challenging applications.

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