The Heat is On for Bearing Installation and Lubrication

08-Jan-2018 05:27:00

Heat, either directly applied or generated in service, plays a significant role in the life of a bearing, being both beneficial and potentially detrimental at different stages of its lifecycle. SKF's Phil Burge, Marketing and Communications Manager explains how heat can be used beneficially as an aid to bearing installation, and describes the negative effects that excessive heat will have on lubricants when the bearing is in service.

Heat is the inevitable result of friction in rotating machinery and bearings are in the front line where friction is concerned. Their role is to reduce it, thereby minimising internal temperature rises and their unwanted consequences such as lubricant deterioration and premature bearing failure. But heat has a very positive role to play at the earliest stage of the bearing’s lifecycle when it is prepared for installation on a shaft or within a housing.

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The Dark Side of Lighting

04-Jan-2018 07:38:41

Working in the dark is dangerous. Tasks needs sufficient light on the subject for workers to be safe and to carry out the job in hand. But in an explosive atmosphere, the wrong light can be as dangerous as no light.

When flammable gases, mists, vapours or combustible dusts are present in the atmosphere, and mix with the oxygen in air, all that’s needed is a source of ignition to cause an explosion. And sometimes, even something as seemingly innocuous as a torch can be that source.

So if you work in an explosive atmosphere and need personal lighting, you need a torch that’s designed for use in ATEX zones.

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Why "Like-For-Like" Won't Be to Your Liking

04-Jan-2018 05:33:00

If you’re taking the opportunity of the summer months to maintain, repair or replace your heating pumps, there’s one important point to remember. If you want to cut your energy costs, a “like-forlike” replacement might save you some specifying time, but in every other way it will cost you.

A like-for-like swap isn’t only a bad idea. It might actually not be possible. After all, surveys reveal that up to 60% of pumps in plant rooms and pumping operations are obsolete. So you may not be able to replace your old pump with the same again, even if it were a good idea. Which it definitely isn’t.

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Expanded Range of Timken High Performance Spherical Roller Bearings

29-Dec-2017 11:48:00

Nobody pays much attention to roller bearings until they cause operational downtime. That is the moment when you discover it costs more to pay less.

Now you can offer even more high-performance alternatives that are especially attractive in industries where downtime is expensive. Availability has never been better with Timken's expanded range of EJ steel cage and brass cage designs. 

High-performance Timken® Spherical Roller Bearings are engineered to increase operational efficiencies and extend maintenance intervals. They offer:

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Anti-Freeze for People

21-Dec-2017 16:12:11

Unless they’re ski instructors or snowplough drivers, few people enjoy working in freezing or very cold conditions. It’s tough enough to maintain productivity when you’re cold, but that’s not the only problem. In some cases, very low temperatures can cause actual physical harm.

Cold weather outdoors or cold conditions indoors cause the humidity level in the atmosphere to drop, so the air itself becomes cold and dry. As a result, the water which is naturally present in the skin evaporates away more quickly than usual.

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SKF Cooper Split Roller Bearings

20-Dec-2017 05:09:00

To reduce machinery maintenance and repair downtime, whether planned or through bearing failure, SKF Cooper split roller bearings are the ideal solution.

SKF Cooper bearings are split to the shaft, making them ideal for inaccessible or trapped locations, such as between a head pulley and gearbox or motor, and eliminate the need to dismount associated equipment.

Split to the shaft bearings disassemble into smaller components, easing the task of lifting and handling, and making assembly or changeout simple, even in the most cramped and inaccessible locations. Clearances are pre-set, so no need for on-site adjustment, and no specialist fitting tools are required.

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Having Your Cake and Eating It

19-Dec-2017 03:34:00

Food and beverage manufacturers want to have the best of all possible worlds: optimum cost-efficiency, combined with consistently high standards of hygiene, and exceptional flexibility for product, packaging and pack size variation. When you not only want to make your cake, but have it and eat it too, process and factory automation technology solutions from Festo can help.

Continuous production processes need to be reliable as well as efficient. The most effective way of ensuring both is through automation – of mixing and stirring, sterilisation, pasteurisation, homogenisation, filtration, dosing, weighing, filling and storage.

Semi-rotary actuators and linear drives, powered by high-quality air prepared to ISO standards, can open and close process valves throughout the plant. The air quality also plays an important part in ensuring hygiene, and in optimising the reliability and life of the control system.

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Officially First for Quality

14-Dec-2017 05:57:00

Renold has become the first chain manufacturer in the UK to be awarded ISO 9001:2015 for quality management.

More than 20 years after it was awarded its certification for achieving the original ISO 9001 quality standard, the company’s site in Bredbury, Stockport has met all the requirements of the latest update of the standard.
The new certification proves the company has lost none of its commitment to exceeding customers’ expectations in the intervening decades.

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Leader by Name Leader by Nature

12-Dec-2017 05:03:00

A new brand launched recently by ERIKS has a name that couldn’t be more appropriate. Leader Gasket Technologies is already leading the way with its product range – and in particular with its new Elastagraph® emission reduction gasket, which sets new standards in its field.

Fugitive emissions are a growing concern for many businesses, due not only to safety concerns but also to the need to meet ever-more stringent environmental legislation, or to achieve increasingly ambitious CSR KPIs. Although the Leader Elastagraph® is a relatively new product, it’s backed by all relevant quality certifications, has already been proven in use, and its unique combination of features and benefits enables fugitive emission control to 50ppm or lower.

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Pump Bearings: Designed for Reliability and Long Life

07-Dec-2017 06:26:00

New bearing development from SKF that promises improved speed, reduced friction, better reliability, and longer service life for pumps.

Often to be found at the heart of a process or manufacturing operation, the ubiquitous pump is frequently taken for granted, being expected to operate continually while receiving minimal maintenance over the course of its life. A pump's performance will change over time, depending upon its operating conditions, its materials of construction, hydraulic design and mechanical robustness. From the perspective of mechanical design, bearings – and more particularly the type of pump motor bearings selected - will have a considerable impact on a pump's long term reliability, its energy efficiency and life expectancy.

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