The Heat is On for Bearing Installation and Lubrication

08-Jan-2018 05:27:00

Heat, either directly applied or generated in service, plays a significant role in the life of a bearing, being both beneficial and potentially detrimental at different stages of its lifecycle. SKF's Phil Burge, Marketing and Communications Manager explains how heat can be used beneficially as an aid to bearing installation, and describes the negative effects that excessive heat will have on lubricants when the bearing is in service.

Heat is the inevitable result of friction in rotating machinery and bearings are in the front line where friction is concerned. Their role is to reduce it, thereby minimising internal temperature rises and their unwanted consequences such as lubricant deterioration and premature bearing failure. But heat has a very positive role to play at the earliest stage of the bearing’s lifecycle when it is prepared for installation on a shaft or within a housing.

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Pump Bearings: Designed for Reliability and Long Life

07-Dec-2017 06:26:00

New bearing development from SKF that promises improved speed, reduced friction, better reliability, and longer service life for pumps.

Often to be found at the heart of a process or manufacturing operation, the ubiquitous pump is frequently taken for granted, being expected to operate continually while receiving minimal maintenance over the course of its life. A pump's performance will change over time, depending upon its operating conditions, its materials of construction, hydraulic design and mechanical robustness. From the perspective of mechanical design, bearings – and more particularly the type of pump motor bearings selected - will have a considerable impact on a pump's long term reliability, its energy efficiency and life expectancy.

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New Rocol Grease Boosts Equipment Performance

28-Nov-2017 04:30:00

ROCOL has launched a brand new anti-seize and assembly grease to help food processers reduce machine disassembly time, avoid damage to costly components and extend equipment life.

Developed specifically for food and drink processing facilities, the new FOODLUBE Anti-Seize grease prevents galling and seizure of joints and fasteners. It retains its consistency and doesn’t set firm even in high temperature or humid environments, making it particularly effective for use in areas where regular wash-downs, controlled machine assembly or easy dismantling are required.

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Maintaining Skill Levels in Modern Manufacturing

21-Nov-2017 04:53:00

‘What happens if I train my staff and they leave?” is a question often asked by business owners and managers. It’s usually met with the response of “What if I don’t train them and they stay?”.

The ‘skills gap’ in manufacturing is widely debated, but it means different things depending on the area of operations you are involved in. In a recent survey, 55 per cent of respondents said they need to develop in-house technical capability.

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On an Emissions Mission

19-Nov-2017 04:45:00

Industry has been getting particularly excited about condition monitoring over the past few years. It’s easy to understand why: at its most sophisticated, it has the potential to significantly reduce the amount of downtime needed for repairs and maintenance, eliminates expensive damage to equipment, and focuses resource where it is needed.

The Synchroforce Carbon is a heavy-duty belt with a carbon tension member. Combining carbon fibres – which scarcely stretch even under high tensile loads – and a compound specially designed to cope with high demands,the new belt is a durable drive solution for challenging applications.

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A Recipe for Success

09-Nov-2017 04:19:00

Responding to changing demand, seasonal trends and even the legislative landscape, can present a herculean task for businesses but what can the food & beverage industry and the pharmaceutical sectors learn from each other, if anything?

A closer look at the food and beverage industry
In an increasingly consumer focused society, the food and beverage industry is facing increasing pressure from a number of channels, which in turn is placing a greater strain on manufacturing processes.

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Prevention is Better Than Cure

07-Nov-2017 04:20:00

It doesn’t take much to make a centrifugal pump break down. But that’s no consolation as you watch the downtime tick by and the costs of lost production rack up. Hopefully, knowing how easy it is to prevent simple problems becoming catastrophic failures will make you feel better.

A pump bearing failure, for example, is bad enough. Discovering it resulted from misalignment; that the misalignment was caused by loss of clamp load between assemblies; and that a simple loose fastener kicked off the whole chain of events, only makes it worse.

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3 Bright Ideas in 1

03-Nov-2017 05:17:00

For workers in low- or no-light conditions, clothing incorporating the latest Glowtex™ Triple Technology from Portwest can make sure they’re seen, and safe, at all times. 

In daylight, the brightly coloured fluorescent background fabric makes the wearer highly conspicuous. At night, Lumentex™ retroreflective tape bounces light – from headlights, for example – back to the source, so the wearer is visible even in poor weather conditions. Lastly, light-emitting Glowtex™ phosphorescence tape literally glows in the dark for up to 6 hours, after as little as 5 minutes’ exposure to daylight or artificial light.

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Sealing the Deal

01-Nov-2017 04:58:00

If you want to achieve optimum productivity, then efficiency and reliability are part of the deal. For air, water and gas pipes and hoses, that means no leaky joints. Which means you need an efficient and reliable method of sealing them.

As with most things in equipment maintenance and repair, there’s a traditional method and a more up-to date method. But unless you’re from the “that’s what we do because we’ve always done it” school, the question you need to ask is which method works, works first time, and works most reliably for longest?

Let’s compare traditional sealing using non-curing pipe compounds, with Henkel’s LOCTITE® branded adhesives.

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Automated Accuracy from Seepex

31-Oct-2017 04:26:00

SEEPEX have launched a new Smart Dosing Pump (SDP), enabling customers to input one parameter –the flow rate required – and then the integrated PLC makes adjustments automatically when necessary using information from a flow meter on the pump outlet.

Operation is simple: the SDP comprises a progressive cavity pump with an intelligent inverter drive which is programmed either locally via an HMI or centrally via a fieldbus interface. The SDP can also be controlledvia analogue/digital I/Os either locally or remotely by a PLC.

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