An Open-and-Shut Case of Compliance

11-Oct-2017 04:39:00

An FDA audit is a testing time – in every sense of the word – for many businesses. And even the largest businesses can find themselves falling short of requirements for FDA compliance.

In the case of one global pharmaceutical and healthcare company, it was the manway door seals on their storage vessels at one of their UK facilities which failed to meet with the FDA auditor’s approval. To achieve the necessary compliance before production could start, all the seals on all the vessels – each one with a capacity of thousands of litres – had to be changed.

Faced with the potentially tricky task of finding a suitable sealing material, and given the scale of the replacement operation and the speed at which it needed to be carried out, the company called in ERIKS Seals and Polymer to lend their expertise and assistance. 


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Load Ratings Increased by up to 44% and Rating Life Extended Threefold

28-Sep-2017 04:09:00

With its new KUSE six-row linear recirculating ball bearing and guideway assembly, Schaeffler has proved that significant technological advances in linear technology are still possible even for well-established products. KUSE X-life assemblies are highly accurate and run extremely quietly, enabling their use in measuring machines.

The infeed zones in linear recirculating ball bearing and guideway assemblies, i.e. the area in which the rolling elements are guided into the load-carrying element until the load is fully applied, are critical factors for life-limited components. These zones ensure that the load is gradually rather than abruptly applied to the rolling element. By improving the design of the infeed zone on the carriage saddle plates, Schaeffler has now succeeded in increasing the load ratings for six-row KUSE linear recirculating ball bearing and guideway assemblies by up to 44%, depending on the size and design. As a result, the rating life is three times higher than that of conventional designs. Due to the significant increase in performance, the redesigned KUSE series has been awarded the Schaeffler X-life quality mark. 

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There's a Disturbance in the Force

25-Aug-2017 12:08:04

As the volume of electronic equipment in use continues to grow across the commercial and industrial sector, the issue of power quality is becoming ever more pressing.

The term ‘harmonic distortion’ is confusing to many, yet its principles can be made simple when you start with the basics. Commence ‘Harmonics 101’: The electricity that is supplied via the mains has a continuously changing voltage. The voltage has a sinusoidal waveform, oscillating 50 times per second (AKA 50Hz Alternating Current).

When you consider a simple electrical device, such as a kettle, whilst in use its heating element draws electrical current, in the same smooth (sinusoidal) waveform of the mains voltage. This is known as a ‘linear load’, because the current drawn is exactly proportional to the voltage that is applied. There is no distortion from a linear load.

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Haven’t you Heard? ERIKS Renames Econosto

23-Aug-2017 05:17:00

Leading industrial services provider ERIKS has united the Econosto product portfolio under a new business arm – the ERIKS UK & Ireland, Flow Control Product Business Unit. 

Econosto UK joined the ERIKS group in 2008 and has continued to develop as a leading flow control provider since. The move to use the ERIKS name came into effect on the 1st April 2017 and going forward, ERIKS will continue to invest in the business unit’s capability. The new Flow Control business unit will continue to provide in-depth application knowledge, efficiency, simple ordering processes and reduced costs in the supply chain to its customers, as well as including valued valve products from its flagship valve brand, ECON. Its operational bases will remain in Leicester, Aberdeen, Glasgow, and Teesside.

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Run Dry with Confidence

21-Aug-2017 05:03:00

What if you can improve safety, line uptime, reduce usage of water and soap for your conveying applications all at the same time?

Rexnord has successfully helped companies around the world implement economical solutions to run their conveyors more efficiently and environmentally safe, using Rexnord® conveyor chain in DRY-PT® material. This state-of-the-art material has been developed by Rexnord to convey PET bottles without the need for external lubrication.

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Only 34% of Manufacturing Executives Believe Their Staff Take Cyber Security Seriously

17-Aug-2017 05:21:00

The Government has recently launched its Cyber Security Breaches Survey: 2017, which details business action on cyber security and the impact of cyber breaches and attacks.

According to the survey, only 34 per cent of manufacturing executives think their core staff take cyber security seriously on a day-to-day basis which is significantly low compared to other sectors where this figure is 76%.

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Not All Secret Ingredients are Good for Your Brand

15-Aug-2017 05:32:00

Coca-Cola has some. So does KFC. Barr’s Irn Bru and Worcestershire Sauce both contain ingredients they don’t want us to know about. But what if your food or drink product has a secret ingredient even you don’t know about – until it’s too late?

Those famous products’ recipes have ingredients which are deliberately added to enhance the flavour. And of course, those ingredients have all been thoroughly and carefully checked and approved for complete consumer safety. But accidental contaminants in your product are another matter. They’re potential “ingredients” of food and drink products that no producer wants in their recipe.

That means you have to eliminate the potential for contaminants to enter factory processes at any stage, including during plant and equipment maintenance.

Maintenance at the required intervals is essential, but using the correct food-grade lubricants is essential too. So choosing the FOODLUBE® range of high-performance lubricants from ROCOL® is your safest option.

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Researchers in Peru Have Discovered a Way to Grow Potatoes on Mars

13-Aug-2017 09:03:00

Researchers at the University of Engineering and Technology in Peru have demonstrated the ability to grow potatoes on Mars. The Peruvian scientists created a simulator based on extreme Mars-like conditions, including atmospheric similarities and Peruvian high-salinity soil similar to that found on Mars.


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Silo Budgeting: The Major Cause of Bad-Decision Making

11-Aug-2017 05:08:00

Does this ring any bells? You’re sat in a meeting to sign off on an important new project and the thorny issue of who is paying for it comes up.

“Well we can’t. I’ve used up all of our budget on the new conveyor,” says the Production Director.

Finance quickly jump in. “Well, if we are going to contribute, we’ll have to insist on the first option.”

Maintenance, sensing problems further down the line, pipe up. “Well you would, it’s the cheapest and you won’t have to maintain it.”

Everybody looks at IT. “No, it’s impossible, this new ERP system has bled us dry.”

If this sounds familiar you almost certainly have silo budgeting, in which pots of money are given to individual functions, more often than not causing project delays, division and inter-departmental conflict, not to mention non-delivery of project objectives.

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The Joy of Six

07-Aug-2017 05:25:00

There are six product areas at the heart of ERIKS. And there are six reasons why ERIKS is your best source for products for all six areas.

Products are at the heart of everything ERIKS does. ERIKS’ engineering know-how, commitment to providing long-term solutions, and great customer service, all exist simply to support and enhance the product offering.
It’s an offering which encompasses SIX product areas essential to industry:

  • Bearings and lubrication
  • Power transmission
  • Fluid power, transfer and control
  • Sealing and polymer
  • Flow control
  • Tools, safety and maintenance
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