When You Can't Repair or Replace

Posted by  Paul Skade 31-May-2017 11:10:00

Paul, Category Manager for the Tools and Maintenance division, has an in depth knowledge of the ERIKS range of PPE and Maintenance products


When hearing is damaged, that’s it. Even ERIKS can’t repair or replace it. So it’s essential to use effective hearing protection. But how do you know the earplugs are working as well as they should? New Honeywell VeriPRO testing can tell you – in minutes. 

Working with any earplug, VeriPRO is a testing tool with user-friendly software, that gives fast, accurate, easy-to-understand results. The Personal Attenuation Rating (PAR) it provides will show whether or not any particular earplug is providing the right amount of protection for the individual wearing it.

If not, you can decide whether they need to try a different type of earplug, or simply need more training on how to fit them properly – and ensuring “proper initial fitting” of hearing protectors is a regulatory requirement.

For a free demonstration of VeriPRO in action, simply contact your local ERIKS Service Centre. They’ll be delighted to hear from you.

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