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Posted by  Richard Ludlam 26-Apr-2017 12:25:14

Marketing Manager at ERIKS UK and keen follower of trends and innovations in the industrial world built from time at Fenner, FPT, WYKO and now ERIKS

De-Partnership-ERIKS.jpgA team of young professionals from ERIKS are participating in a government backed Dutch challenge called ‘De Partnership Verkiezing’. Our team have been working on a business case to solve the challenge of unsafe working conditions in Vietnam, where 5000 people die due to unsafe working conditions every year. 

ERIKS has the know-how and the products to help solve this problem, but it's not just about tools. Safety is in people's hands, but also in people's minds. Young professionals from ERIKS developed a business case  for designing a serious safety gaming app to change the attitude and behaviour of workers.



The ‘De Partnership Verkiezing’ is a government backed Dutch challenge encouraging teams of young professionals to come up with an innovative idea related to their business which creates a positive social or environmental impact, and then compete with other teams to pitch their ideas as a business case.

The final event of the challenge is on May 11th 2017, and a winner will be announced based on a judgement by a jury and public votes.

Your vote can makes a difference: help us create safe working conditions and save lives.

CLICK HERE to vote for the ERIKS team.

Voting is open until May 10th 2017 – and don’t stop there, share this and ask your colleagues, friends and family to give ERIKS a vote too.

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