University Project Launched to Help Discover New Drugs for Neglected Diseases

Posted by  Sarah Evans 05-Aug-2017 06:11:00

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KNOWHOW-BLOG-Pills-Bulb.pngA new collaborative project, known as the Open Synthesis Network (OSN), has been launched to engage students from five universities in the US, UK, and India, to help discover new drugs for patients with neglected diseases.

The project is as a result of a partnership between the universities and the Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi), a non-profit research and development organisation. The research group consists of 25 undergraduate and masters students in Chemistry and in the project’s first year, they will work on compounds to target visceral leishmaniasis, a disease which kills nearly 30,000 people every year.
OSN will publish the research in real-time to ensure the faster development of medicines.


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