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Posted by  Satish Chandarana 07-Nov-2016 08:02:15

Satish is our expert on Power Transmission, with over 25 years know-how and a special understanding of the Fenner brand

Fenner-Ultra-plus-150.jpgQuarries and mines are the same the world over: tough on people, and tough on equipment. So a drive belt solution developed to meet the demands of the Australian mining industry is just as applicable up here as Down Under.

That solution is the Fenner Ultra PLUS 150 high-strength wedge belt – the belt that offers 150% of the power rating of the regular Fenner Power PLUS wedge belt. But that’s not its greatest strength. Its greatest strength is actually… its great strength.

The materials it uses and the way it is constructed provide unparalleled strength and length stability. In fact, just four of the load-bearing cord components of the belt will suspend a 6.5 tonne Panther CLV armoured personnel vehicle, with just 1mm of stretch.

So even in the harsh operating environment of a quarry or mine, a drive application is light work for the Ultra PLUS 150.

Built for strength

The load-bearing cords of the Ultra PLUS 150 are made from immensely strong aramid fibres. These cords have a high tensile modulus, which means the belt has more power than a standard wedge belt, without additional stretch or elongation.

This not only makes the belt tougher, but also means:

1) More power delivered in the same space as an existing drive solution, or

2) The same power delivered from a more compact drive

3) Fewer belts required

4) Fewer grooves on a pulley.

Supporting the aramid cords is a chloroprene rubber core. This material has a longer wear life than the standard compound used in belts, and is more resistant to heat, oils and chemical exposure. But that’s not all.

Chloroprene also offers improved electrostatic conductivity, providing antistatic properties to ISO 1813. And it’s excellent protection against shock loading.

The final ingredient in the mix of materials is a hard wearing, woven polyester cotton fabric, coated with more chloroprene rubber, which forms a protective armour for the belt. The polyester cotton is woven asymmetrically for more flexibility – which helps protect the belt’s internal working components and at the same time maintains the efficiency of the drive.

Cementing success

The efficiency of the Fenner Ultra PLUS 150 wedge belt has been proven in many applications, including at a large cement works.

This particular customer was finding that the poly V belts on the fan drives for their bag filters were wearing at an accelerated rate, due to the large amounts of atmospheric dust. The wear was also having the knock-on effect of increasing the speed loss to the fan, leading to reduced fan efficiency.

Replacing the poly V belts and pulley would only postpone the problem, and would require pulleys made to order. So ERIKS proposed an off-the-shelf solution of Fenner Ultra PLUS 150 wedge belt drives, with Fenner Taper Lock pulleys.

The new solution quickly proved its worth, through:

  • Increased efficiency – at over 95%
  • Lower maintenance costs due to less ingress of dust particles, thanks to the belts’ robust construction
  • Higher power capacity
  • Longer belt life and less frequent belt replacements
  • Reduced downtime costs.

 In addition, utilising an off-the-shelf solution saved the customer £1,000 on the cost of the drive.

More lengths, more power

The Fenner Ultra PLUS 150 high-strength wedge belt is available in lengths from 2.8-10m, with longer lengths available on request. Used in combination with Fenner pulleys, drive power ratings of up to 1MW can easily be achieved.

And the reliability and durability of the belts means you can fit them and forget them with – as the Aussies would say – “no worries”.

For more details, contact your usual ERIKS Service Centre on  0845 006 6000.

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