The Combination That Unlocks Savings

Posted by  Mark Maher 20-Jan-2016 11:48:00

Mark is our Technical Manager based at the Drives Core Competence Centre in Dudley

fenner-motor-inverterCombine control with efficiency and you virtually guarantee savings: of energy, money and time.

So combine highly efficient inverters with IE3-rated motors, and you can sit back and enjoy optimum performance, efficiency, and value for money – while the savings mount up.

Save energy

An inverter gives you control that ensures your application is always running at its optimum speed. Fit a Fenner QD Series inverter to a pump or fan application, for example, and you can expect energy savings of up to 50% as a result of speed reductions. Your pump or fan will still perform just as effectively as it always has – just with far greater energy efficiency.

The Fenner QD Series inverter is itself exceptionally energy efficient, at 98% – making its minimal energy losses market-leading. It also features a built-in energy optimisation feature, which continually lowers energy consumption, regardless of the application. So you save energy from every angle.

Save money

Install some inverters and there may be additional costs you hadn’t been aware of. But install Fenner QD Series inverters and everything’s considered and taken care of, right from the design stage.

So, for example, there’s no need for an additional cabinet enclosure, even if your inverter will be operating in a dirty or dusty environment, or where washdowns are required. That’s because there are IP55 and IP66 Fenner QD Series inverter models available, to provide the protection you need, built-in.

Also built-in is RFI, as standard. This means there are no additional costs incurred for filters to protect other equipment from interference.

And lastly, Fenner QD Series inverters come with automatic load monitoring. This provides you with a vital early warning of potential faults.

Blocked filters, belt failures and many other faults will be picked up by the monitoring system – protecting your plant and equipment and enabling you to take pre-emptive action before a fault becomes an expensive problem.

Save time

Time is money, of course. So the easier an inverter is to install, commission and operate, the quicker you can have it up and running and delivering savings.

Fenner QD Series inverters use a simple parameter structure which offers carefully selected default values. This helps you to minimise commissioning time and get your inverter operational sooner.

All models also feature a built-in keypad and OLED text display, so that operation is intuitive without any specialist instruction required.

The inverters are also built to a supremely practical design, which includes easy access to the power and control terminals, without the need for specialist tools.

Choose your advantage

There’s a choice of three inverters in the Fenner QD Series, and each one offers a specific advantage, in addition to the benefits above.

  • QD:Neo – offers constant torque
  • QD:HVAC – offers variable torque, ideal for HVAC applications
  • QD:E – an especially easy-to-use option

Combine any of the above with a Fenner Premium Efficiency IE3 motor, and you can expect to save time, energy and money. Just how much money, you can find out with the ERIKS TCO Calculator, which will also help you decide whether to repair, replace or upgrade your existing motor.

Alternatively, for more information on Fenner inverters or motors, speak to your local ERIKS Service Centre on 0845 006 6000. As the only approved repairer for Fenner, ERIKS and Fenner is another ideal combination.

fenner motors and inverters  

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