Supporting Your Integrated Labelling System

Posted by  Paul Skade 24-Sep-2017 05:02:00

Paul, Category Manager for the Tools and Maintenance division, has an in depth knowledge of the ERIKS range of PPE and Maintenance products

brady support services for labelling

The advantages of Smart Manufacturing including increased production control, centralised monitoring and continuous improvement data can be fully enabled by a complete integrated printed circuit board labelling system.

Brady offers label creation software with automation options, next to advice, support and full collaboration with third parties to help integrate our traceability solutions in your production line.

On top of an included 1 year warranty, Brady offers premium support service agreements for both the BSP61 Print and Apply System and the ALF14 Label Feeder. Service agreements are fully customisable to your needs and can include premium support by phone and/or support at your premises.

Available service agreement options:

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Fast repairs
  • Replacement devices
  • Dedicated in-house contact center
  • Support in 12 languages
  • Local presence
  • Man hours included
  • No unexpected costs

In addition to the service options they also offer support by having high quality scanners available. With portable or integrated scanners, your traceability system can evolve beyond supply chain requirements and generate data that can be analysed to create business cases for production optimisation.

Available scanner services:

  • Scanner purchasing
  • Scanner configuration
  • Scanner integration

Want to know more? Contact your local service centre on 0845 006 600. Or if you're attending the ERIKS Innovation Excellence event at the MTC, Coventry, 3rd October 2017, visit the Brady Stand.


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