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Posted by  Gareth Pollard 08-Jul-2014 11:33:27

Gareth Pollard is our Product Manager for Bearings with over 15 years experience within the industry.

How does a split bearing work, how is it made, and what is the technology behind it? split-bearing

Split bearings have been commercially available for around 90 years, used primarily in demanding applications in arduous conditions where accessible bearing inspection and easy maintenance are required. The bearing is made up of the inner and outer races, the cage, the housing and the support (all separate). This allows simple inspection and easy replacement, without the need to remove the bearing from the shaft or the shaft itself.

The components of a split bearing are manufactured as complete parts, and after grinding are very accurately cut into 2  sections, so that when they are assembled around the shaft, the components match perfectly. The performance of a SRB Split roller bearing closely matches that of a comparable sized solid roller bearing, in terms of speed, capacity, ability to take misalignment, and sealing options.

The complete range of split roller bearings incorporate a number of innovative features that assist not only the user in terms of product performance, but also the maintenance engineer with fitting and assembly benefits. Many bearings are typically located in hard to reach places and often require considerable downtime to replace. SRB split roller bearings from Revolvo allow for minimal disruption to machine and plant operation during the installation process.

The benefits of a totally split to the shaft bearing are long established with savings in production and maintenance well documented. However, split roller bearings are now being selected for a wide range of applications based on other benefits they provide, including:

  • High Radial Load and Speed Capability offer

  • ing life and performance advantages

  • Initially Self-Aligning minimising expensive alignment of other equipment

  • Wide range of standard supports to accommodate a wide range of mounting solutions.

  • Flexible Sealing Arrangements extending bearing life in harsh environments

  • Interchangeability, each sub-assembly (support, housing and bearing) is universally interchangeable within our own range and those of other manufacturers

  • New Single Piece Cage Clip Design, offering not only accurate cage alignment but also offering the maintenance engineer a free hand whist assembling

  • Pry Slots on all dowelled machined joints for easy separation of the housing & support

  • Intuitive Assembly made easy by match markings to ensure correct positioning and orientation of all parts


Achievable savings switching to Revolvo Split Roller Bearings

  Current Bearing         Revolvo Split Bearing
Cost of bearing £500 £2,500
Est. time of outage 10 hours 3 hours
Number of men needed to replace bearing 3 1
Overhead rate of man/hour £15.00 £15.00
Production loss/hour £4,000 £4,000
Labour cost for outage £450 £45
Production loss for outage £40,000 £12,000
Labour cost + production cost £40,500 £12,545
Bearing + Labour + Production Loss + Equip Loss £40,950 £14,545



For more information and a detailed application assessment contact your local ERIKS Service Centre on 0845 006 6000.

Discover more on the Revolvo range of Split Roller Bearings can be found by clicking the link below.

 Revolvo Website


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