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Posted by  Andrew Dawes 21-Sep-2015 08:30:00

Andrew Dawes is our Product Manager for Hydraulic Hose and Accessories with 25 years experience.

gates-crimper-for-poundManufacturing your own hydraulic hose assemblies is a sure-fire way to save money. And you can save even more if you purchase a Gates starter kit from ERIKS.

Gates have been manufacturing hydraulic hose for over 100 years. Now they’ve put together a starter kit so you can make your own hose assemblies on site, using high-quality Gates hose and connectors, and an easy to use self-assembly machine. But you won’t just save on the cost of making the assemblies.

With Gates’ special offer, you can also get a power-operated crimper for the unbelievable price of just £1!

Spend to save

Of course you can’t buy the crimper on its own for that price. But then, you were always going to buy hose and couplings anyway, so it’s no additional cost to buy enough to qualify for the special offer. Plus, when you buy from Gates, you have the reassurance you’re buying high-quality hose which won’t let you down.

There are three different starter kits to choose from, with three different qualifying levels of spend to get the £1 crimper.

MC1001 Starter Kit
A simple to use, lightweight machine suitable for workshops wanting  to manufacture hydraulic hose assemblies for their own use. The crimper can accommodate hose assemblies up to 1” wire braid. To qualify, simply spend  £2,970 on Gates’ hose and couplings.                   

MCX20 Starter Kit                
A hand-operated crimper capable of crimping up to 1¼” wire braid, and 1” multi- spiral. Portable enough to be used in the workshop or as a mobile machine.  Comes complete with a separate box to store the die sets. Qualifying purchase: £5,200 of Gates’ hose and couplings.      

MCX25 Starter Kit 
Enables you to manufacture hose assemblies up to 1¼” wire braid and 1” multi- spiral hose, using the power-operated crimper. Qualifying purchase: £6,400 on Gates’ hose and couplings.

Whichever Starter Kit you choose, all terminations are available, with the kits profiled to include the most popular couplings, with BSP, JIC, ORFS and Metric popular threads and forms.

D.I.Y. price, factory quality

Manufacturing your own hose assemblies will certainly save you money.

Unlike when you use a manufacturer to create your assemblies, there’ll be no call-out charge when you need a new one. There’ll be no delay while you wait for the hose engineer to arrive. You’ll have hose assemblies available 24/7. And there will be no unforeseen or additional costs.

But while using a Gates’ starter kit cuts your costs, it doesn’t mean you have to cut corners on quality or compromise on safety:

  • You will still be using Gates’ hose and connectors, manufactured to stringent tolerances
  • Dies supplied with the machines, and the machines themselves, are rigorously validated to ensure the assemblies you produce are fit for purpose
  • The optimal crimp data provided has been derived from meticulous testing
  • You’re guaranteed factory-quality performance for your assemblies, which go beyond all international standards, and are fully compliant with the relevant EU directives.

Once your operator has been trained and certified by authorised ERIKS personnel, the  comprehensive Gates guarantee will apply to all hose assemblies he or she produces with the Gates self-assembly machine.

If you would like to know more about this offer, you can download a copy of the brochure.

Gates Crimper for a Pound

Or for a free crimper demonstration at your premises, call your local ERIKS Service Centre 0845 006 6000.

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