Safety Gets the Lime-Green Light from Rexnord

Posted by  Satish Chandarana 13-Oct-2016 08:08:28

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Rexnord 1005 XLBP Series Mat TopThe new bright lime green accumulation chain from Rexnord provides extra protection for your operators and your packs. But that’s not all. It also helps reduce your energy costs, and the Total Cost of Ownership of your conveyor system.

The problem with traditional Low Backline Pressure (LBP) chains is a serious gap in safety. It occurs at the transfer point between conveyors, where the chain opens and closes. As it does so, a gap forms between the rollers on the chain links, creating a potential trapping hazard for fingers and clothing.

OEM s and end users take necessary precautions, of course, by installing physical safety measures. But that’s an additional cost and an additional element to design, install and maintain. Whereas the new Rexnord 1005 XLBP Series MatTop® accumulation chain solves the problem more efficiently.

Permanent stop gap

The design of the new Rexnord Chain reduces the gap between rollers by 50% at the transfer point. So there’s far less chance of anything getting caught between them.

But that’s not the only improvement the Rexnord 1005 XLBP Series MatTop® Chain offers.

The most obvious difference between the Rexnord solution and traditional LBP chains is the colour. It may be a simple development, but manufacturing the chain in bright lime green greatly increases the visibility of the moving parts on the conveyor, making it another useful safety feature.

Less obvious at first glance, but just as effective, is the lighter rotation of the rollers on the shaft.

Roll on savings

Many end users of other LBP conveyor chains complain that the plastic rollers don’t rotate easily, and over time can even get completely stuck. This can cause a dramatic increase in backline pressure on the packs during accumulation. This, in turn, can lead to damaged packs in the short-term, increased energy use in the medium-term, and a higher Total Cost of Ownership of the conveyor line in the long term.

So the Rexnord 1005 XLBP Series MatTop® Chain solves all these problems by combining a 30% lighter rotation on the shaft with less opportunity for contamination to end up in the rollers, or between the rollers and the chain module.

The result is the lowest backline pressure on the packs, and minimal energy consumption.

Lighter chain, lighter bills

Conveyors can be heavy energy users. Packaging areas with long distances for packs to travel from packers to palletisers may need numerous conveyor drives, and each one consumes power.

Just how much power is consumed can be calculated from the total weight of the chain and packs, multiplied by friction factors and conveyor speed. But since – in the medium-term at least – pack weight and conveyor speed are fixed, chain weight and friction are the only areas where energy-saving solutions can be found.

So the new Rexnord 1005 XLBP Series MatTop® Chain has found them.

The chain is just 40% of the weight of traditional modular LBP chains. At the same time, there’s 30% less friction between packs and the Rexnord chain during accumulation. The result is lower power consumption by the conveyor drives, which means significantly smaller energy bills.

Power consumption and costs can potentially be reduced even further, because the chain allows conveyor lengths to be extended, to minimise the number of drives required.

50% smaller roller gap

40% lighter chain

30% lower friction and lighter rotation

Back to the packs

Safety and energy saving are major benefits of the new Rexnord chain. But in the end, it all has to come back to the packs. Are they optimally handled and is the risk of damage as low as it can be?

As packs get lighter, and more delicate packaging materials are used, these are major considerations. However, the Rexnord 1005 XLBP Series MatTop® Chain doesn’t make compromises. So you can still be sure your packs will be carefully conveyed with minimal risk of damage, even as you increase operator safety and reduce your energy bills.

Rexnord has engineered safety, sustainability, lower energy consumption and a lower Total Cost of Ownership into the 1005 XLBP Series MatTop® Chain. It’s an innovative solution, and another example of the kind of thinking which has been setting industry standards for almost 80 years.

The chain may be green, but the engineers behind it certainly aren’t.

Download a copy of the full spec sheet here.


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