Safer Hoses, Longer Lives

Posted by  Mark Carpenter 25-Jan-2018 05:58:00

Mark heads up our Industrial Hose Core Competence Centre

Goodall Long Life HoseThink about possible causes of a fire or explosion, and a rubber hose probably won’t feature on your list. But using the wrong type of hose to convey certain materials can lead to static electricity. Static electricity can lead to a spark… and we all know what that can lead to.

A non-electrically-conductive rubber hose is effectively a spark waiting to happen. Use it to transport a whole range of materials, from cyclohexane to xylene – and including hydrochloric or nitric acid, mineral oil, paint, petroleum or steam – and you are creating the ideal conditions for a dangerous build-up of static electricity. Only grounding the hose to earth will prevent the problem, and this requires connection to a steel helix (which is itself not 100% safe) or using static wires.

Alternatively, you can simply use Goodall electricallyconductive rubber hose. It’s simpler, safer, and static- and spark-free.

Down-to-earth solution

Made from electrically-conductive rubber or thermoplastic compounds, Goodall electricallyconductive hoses enable any electrostatic charge to be conveyed to the metallic hose-end connections, where they can be safely grounded.

There’s no need to connect the hose to the steel helix or static wires, which means there’s not only no risk during use, there’s also no risk during assembly.

Exceeding international industry standards, and conforming to European standards, electricallyconductive rubber hoses are just one way Goodall make hoses safer.

Popcorn free

Popcorning is one of the biggest reasons for steam hose failure, and results from accumulation of water and steam particles in the hose wall. The new Goodall Inferno Steam Hose has a specially developed non-porous rubber compound inner tube to prevent the accumulation, as well as incorporating specially treated steel braids which are more resistant to corrosion.

Able to withstand temperatures of 232°C / 450°F for longer than any other steam hose, the Goodall Inferno has a three times longer lifespan than the average steam hose.

Also designed to last longer under tough treatment is the Goodall Tekno SD Lite. Specially developed for use in chemical plants, this hose has a “memory” which enables it to bounce back to its original shape if it’s been crushed or otherwise mistreated.

Longer-lasting safety

If a hose has a 10-year warranty you can be pretty sure it’s going to last a long time. If it’s called the Goodall Super Long Life, you can be certain.

Made from superior compounds, this is a smooth and homogenous extruded tube with stainless steel braided reinforcement. Although it’s lightweight and flexible, it has a burst pressure ratio of 5:1, for greatly increased safety.

So with the Goodall Super Long Life – like with all these Goodall hoses – you can feel safer for longer.


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