Cut with Confidence using RTD®

Posted by  Mike Smith 27-Sep-2017 05:25:00

Mike is our General Manager of Tools and Maintenance with over 30 years experience in the Tool industry.

Rocol-RTD lubricant for cutting applications

With 65 years of development and innovation, ROCOL RTD remains at the forefront in cutting performance, successfully serving the needs of the industry. The RTD range of hand applied cutting lubricants has a unique formulation, providing superior performance across a range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

RTD “doubles tool life” and in some cases can provide up to a 400% increased productivity compared to similar products*. Laboratory testing has shown that RTD offers up to 5 times more anti-wear protection than other products, extending tool life and improving surface finish ensuring the quality of the finished workpiece.

During the production processes, damage and breakage can mean significant cost increases - using RTD helps to minimise these risks and allows the Precision Engineer to Cut with confidence.


  • Effective even under severe cutting conditions
  • Contains premium EP additives
  • Improves surface finish
  • Increases swarf removal rates
  • Allows greater feed rate and speeds
  • Chlorine-free version supports environmental and health and safety requirements
  • Range of convenient application forms
  • Compounds, squeeze bottles, sprays


  • Switching to RTD can provide an overall reduction in production costs:
  • Minimised tool breakages
  • Improved surface finish
  • Improved productivity rates
  • Reduction in rejected workpieces
  • Reduction in cost of recovery of broken tools
  • Wide range to meet workshop requirements, ensuring the right product for the workstation.

Want to know more? Contact your local service centre on 0845 006 600. Or if you're attending the ERIKS Innovation Excellence event at the MTC, Coventry, 3rd October 2017, visit the Rocol Stand. 


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