Introducing a Powerful Synchronous Drum Motor

26-Sep-2017 04:40:00

Interroll have launched the world's most powerful synchronous drum motor for belt conveyor systems, with a proven output of up to 1.1 kilowatts. The drive, which is available immediately, stands out thanks to its particularly high torque and extremely high belt tension. This makes it especially suitable for a high throughput of material to be conveyed.


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Full Steam Ahead with SSOP

25-Sep-2017 04:52:00

If you think of your plant as a human body, then steam is the blood. So the last thing you want is for it to be leaking away, or be watered-down by condensate that leads to water hammer: the steam system equivalent of high blood pressure.

Yet on many sites, people ignore signs of trouble – whether it’s the hiss of steam escaping where it shouldn’t, or the banging of water hammer.

One leads to loss of steam, loss of pressure, inefficiency and higher energy costs. The other can create pressure peaks of over 120 bars, in systems generally designed for 10 bars only. That can wear seals, create more leaks, and in the worst cases cause valves or pipes to rupture with a catastrophic – and potentially life-threatening – escape of high-pressure steam.

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ROCOL V-cut range for Machine Shop Owners

24-Sep-2017 14:25:00

ROCOL’s V-cut™ metalworking range is specially tailored for machine shop owners. V-cut is ROCOL’s “Value Engineered” cutting fluid brand, providing ROCOL’s performance and quality through some of the most cost effecting cutting fluids on the market.

Following extensive research in their in-house laboratories, the current achievements have now been surpassed and the value engineering ethos has never been greater.


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Supporting Your Integrated Labelling System

24-Sep-2017 05:02:00

The advantages of Smart Manufacturing including increased production control, centralised monitoring and continuous improvement data can be fully enabled by a complete integrated printed circuit board labelling system.

Brady offers label creation software with automation options, next to advice, support and full collaboration with third parties to help integrate our traceability solutions in your production line.

On top of an included 1 year warranty, Brady offers premium support service agreements for both the BSP61 Print and Apply System and the ALF14 Label Feeder. Service agreements are fully customisable to your needs and can include premium support by phone and/or support at your premises.

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Major European Wine Producer Selects Amazon Filters

23-Sep-2017 04:26:00

Amazon Filters announces that a major European winery has selected SupaPore FPW and VPWS cartridge filters to lower the operational cost of white wine production.

For several years previously the winery had been using competitors filter products to process 1.8 million litres of white wine at 2000 litres / hour. However with the ever increasing costs of filtration and levels of service and support decreasing, the wine producer sought an alternative.

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Xylem Launches 5th Generation Hydrovar for Complete Range Offering

21-Sep-2017 05:28:00

Offering energy savings of up to 70 per cent, Xylem, a leading global water technology provider, has launched the Hydrovar 5th Generation variable speed pump drive with a wealth of new features and new additions to the range.

Known for its robust and quality design, Hydrovar is now available across 21 models ranging from 1.5kW-4kW single phase to 22kW 3 phase – ensuring there is an option for each and every application. New features include a separate wiring compartment, with a dedicated cover to ensure wiring components are protected. What’s more, the electronic power component is potted, meaning that there is increased thermal dissipation and robust protection against vibration and condensation issues with the ability to operate down to an ambient temperature of -10oC. 

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Customised Housings for Large Pharmaceutical Company Ensures Critical Delivery of Drugs

20-Sep-2017 15:17:00

Amazon Filters has supplied a major pharmaceutical manufacturer with bespoke filtration equipment enabling them to fulfil a contract to deliver critical drugs to a leading children’s hospital.

Faced with a shortfall of the required critical drugs, as they couldn’t get the right filtration equipment to filter them and carry on production, the pharmaceutical manufacturer turned to Amazon Filters for a solution.

Neil Pizzey, Managing Director of Amazon Filters, commented "Faced with the possibility of children not receiving critical drugs, we prioritised our production schedule enabling us to meet the 4 week lead time given to deliver the bespoke filtration equipment to the customer This was met and we are proud to report that they went on to produce the required medication on time and to a high quality.

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Topics: News, Innovation, Filtration, Fluid Power, Transfer & Control, Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

Plug-and-play Linear Systems for Production Machines

18-Sep-2017 04:09:00

In order to meet very short development times for machine tools and other special purpose production machines, manufacturers expect their linear technology suppliers to offer not only linear components but also plug-and-play subsystems, engineering, drives technology and other technical support services, including final assembly, cabling, set up of control parameters and commissioning.

Schaeffler’s Linear Technology division in Homburg specialises in ready-to-use, project-specific linear systems. An intelligent mix of customisable, high performance linear system components from Schaeffler, as well as mechanical and electrical drive elements from well-known suppliers and partners, form the basis of ready-to-use, cost effective linear systems and solutions. 

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Tough Chemical Protection and Unparalleled Comfort for Paint Work

17-Sep-2017 04:26:00

Paint shop workers are exposed to harsh chemicals and aggressive solvents when mixing and spraying paints. Even after their work is done, they need to protect hands when cleaning paint guns and robotic spray heads. Because their fingers have to reach in and around the small parts and pieces of this equipment, paint shop workers need thin chemical protection that offers good tactile sensitivity and dexterity.

Ansell’s Microflex 93-260 offers superior support for workers in such an environment. Microflex 93-260 is the thinnest chemical resistant disposable glove available. Because it offers greater tactile sensitivity than most traditional chemical gloves while protecting against a broad spectrum of chemicals it helps paint shop workers handle and clean their equipment more efficiently and effectively.

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Highly Efficient Wine Pre-Filtration

16-Sep-2017 04:26:00

SupaPore FPW Microfiltration cartridges from Amazon Filters have been widely proven as highly efficient membrane pre-filters by leading wine producers and bottlers.

Wine making is a combination of modern technology and traditional craft. The control or removal of contaminants such as bacteria, crystals, particles, treatment residue and yeast is critical to ensure the taste and shelf-life of the wine.

Manufactured from highest quality filter materials, contained within a robust polypropylene assembly, SupaPore FPW filters are designed to meet the high and exacting standards seen in modern wineries.

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Topics: News, Innovation, Filtration, Fluid Power, Transfer & Control

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