Hybrid Adhesive Technology Webinar

26-Oct-2017 15:30:19

All structural adhesives have their strengths and weaknesses but Henkel’s new hybrid technology massively extends the possibilities. To demonstrate the merits of this major advance in structural bonding, Henkel is staging a webinar on 31st October 2017, from 11.00 to 11.45 hours. 

During the session delegates will learn how these Hybrid Universal Bonders complement established technologies, offer new possibilities and simplify product selection for both assembly and repair applications.

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Can KPI's Be Fatal in Waste and Recycling?

24-Oct-2017 04:05:00

5 people were killed in the waste and recycling industry in 2016, and 37 from 2010-15. Add in the 6,000+ workplace injuries in the industry over the same period, and it starts to look like a very dangerous place to work. But could it be your focus on the wrong KPIs that’s a potentially fatal error?

Tonnage targets for recycling, and strict operating deadlines imposed by Council contracts, don’t do anything to make your life easy. All they do is force you (or your managers) into an  “at all costs” mentality to keep the line running.

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Topics: Best Practice, Health & Safety, Waste & Recycling, Engineering, Condition Monitoring

Shortening the Chain

22-Oct-2017 03:57:00

There’s never been a shorter supply chain for your adapted chain, than from ERIKS – recognised in a recent survey as one of the largest chain suppliers in the UK.

All it takes is three simple steps to get the chain you need delivered to your door, with the ERIKS 48-hour adapted chain service.

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Introducing Limitless Bonding from Loctite

19-Oct-2017 04:33:00

With so many potential applications for adhesives, and in so many different environments, finding the right one for the right job can be a job in itself – and using the wrong one can have all kinds of unwanted results.

So unless you want to carry a separate toolbox just to hold all your adhesive options, you need an effective general-purpose solution you can rely on in almost all situations. And that’s exactly what the latest LOCTITE® structural bonders from Henkel offer.

The new Henkel® range of LOCTITE Universal Structural Bonders is a breakthrough in structural bonding. As the demands users make on bonders are changing, Henkel has specially formulated the new range to meet them – making it especially effective for assembly design and maintenance repair.

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Topics: News, Innovation, Adhesives, Tools, Safety and Maintenance

Watch and Learn with ERIKS eConnect

17-Oct-2017 05:09:00

The more data you gather from monitoring your critical assets, the more you can learn about their condition, behaviour and performance. And the more you know about those, the more time and money you can save on maintenance and repairs, and the more you can reduce downtime and increase uptime. So what’s the most effective way to keep tabs on your assets? 

Some Condition Monitoring (CM) companies do nothing more than monitor. Asking them for advice on optimising the performance of an asset is like asking the electricity meter reader to tell you how to get your toast more evenly browned in your toaster.

Others may be able to offer generic advice, but nothing which addresses your specific equipment and unique processes.

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Money Down the Tube?

13-Oct-2017 05:02:00

You’re probably confident you’re doing all you can to cut back your energy use. But if you have manifold-mounted, plug-in pneumatic valves, you could be using energy you don’t need, and wasting money you can’t afford to waste.

The problem is that most circuits have two air lines from valve to actuator: one for extend and one for retract. For each valve cycle the actuator is pressurized on one side or the other. This means the tube that connects the valve and actuator also has to be pressurised. Yet the tubing isn’t doing any work at all – just transferring the compressed air energy to the actuator.

And what seems like an insignificant tubing volume can add up to quite a significant energy use, and cost. 

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Topics: News, Innovation, Efficiency, Fluid Power, Transfer & Control, Pneumatics

An Open-and-Shut Case of Compliance

11-Oct-2017 04:39:00

An FDA audit is a testing time – in every sense of the word – for many businesses. And even the largest businesses can find themselves falling short of requirements for FDA compliance.

In the case of one global pharmaceutical and healthcare company, it was the manway door seals on their storage vessels at one of their UK facilities which failed to meet with the FDA auditor’s approval. To achieve the necessary compliance before production could start, all the seals on all the vessels – each one with a capacity of thousands of litres – had to be changed.

Faced with the potentially tricky task of finding a suitable sealing material, and given the scale of the replacement operation and the speed at which it needed to be carried out, the company called in ERIKS Seals and Polymer to lend their expertise and assistance. 


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Topics: News, Gaskets, Innovation, Best Practice, Sealing & Polymer, Food & Beverage

Are You Playing the Chemicals Lottery?

06-Oct-2017 05:32:00

If you provide protective gloves to everyone on your site who works with chemicals, you’re doing what’s right, right? You’re meeting your duty of care, and you’re complying with H&SE directives. But do you ever wonder if those directives really go far enough?

After all, with hundreds of chemicals available, surely it would be almost impossible for every type of glove to be tested against every single chemical?

The worrying fact is, you’d be right to wonder.

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Hybrid Filters Help Improve Digital Ink Production

29-Sep-2017 04:26:00

Amazon Filters has introduced the SupaPleat Plus Ink filter range to help digital ink manufacturers solve issues relating to inconsistent jetting.

The increased complexity of ink formulations and the sensitivity of modern print head designs has led to an increased occurrence of blocking by particulates and microgels, this means effective filtration is paramount. Working with leading manufacturers of Digital Ink - Amazon Filters has developed a dedicated range of filters designed to provide optimum filtration for all print head technologies.

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Load Ratings Increased by up to 44% and Rating Life Extended Threefold

28-Sep-2017 04:09:00

With its new KUSE six-row linear recirculating ball bearing and guideway assembly, Schaeffler has proved that significant technological advances in linear technology are still possible even for well-established products. KUSE X-life assemblies are highly accurate and run extremely quietly, enabling their use in measuring machines.

The infeed zones in linear recirculating ball bearing and guideway assemblies, i.e. the area in which the rolling elements are guided into the load-carrying element until the load is fully applied, are critical factors for life-limited components. These zones ensure that the load is gradually rather than abruptly applied to the rolling element. By improving the design of the infeed zone on the carriage saddle plates, Schaeffler has now succeeded in increasing the load ratings for six-row KUSE linear recirculating ball bearing and guideway assemblies by up to 44%, depending on the size and design. As a result, the rating life is three times higher than that of conventional designs. Due to the significant increase in performance, the redesigned KUSE series has been awarded the Schaeffler X-life quality mark. 

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