University Project Launched to Help Discover New Drugs for Neglected Diseases

05-Aug-2017 06:11:00

A new collaborative project, known as the Open Synthesis Network (OSN), has been launched to engage students from five universities in the US, UK, and India, to help discover new drugs for patients with neglected diseases.

The project is as a result of a partnership between the universities and the Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi), a non-profit research and development organisation. The research group consists of 25 undergraduate and masters students in Chemistry and in the project’s first year, they will work on compounds to target visceral leishmaniasis, a disease which kills nearly 30,000 people every year.

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Whose Ear Is It Anyway?

04-Aug-2017 05:16:00

Hearing damage from excessive exposure to loud noise is an occupational hazard, particularly in industry. That’s why it’s so important to provide effective hearing protection to anyone exposed to noise during their working day. And effective means right for the purpose, the person and their ear.

Howard Leight – part of Honeywell – have been promoting hearing conservation and manufacturing earplugs for over 30 years, so they know all about choosing, fitting and wearing them.

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Join Us at Tank Storage Conference and Exhibition 2017!

03-Aug-2017 16:16:06

The Tank Storage Conference and Exhibition is the UK’s leading event for the bulk liquid storage sector. The event has a proven track record of successfully bringing together people who care about safe and effective bulk liquid.

The conference programme features presentations from Government, Regulators and industry experts on topics which are of key interest to those who operate in this sector.

So naturally you’d expect to find ERIKS’ dedicated tank storage team in attendance at Stand 26 on the 28th September 2017.

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Reliability Measurement You Can Rely On

31-Jul-2017 06:08:00

At a recent ERIKS safety, training, energy and productivity event hosted by Festo, ERIKS Technical Manager Mark Maher made a potentially controversial point. Energy-efficient products, he said, will not reduce operating and production costs as effectively as avoiding unplanned loss of production.

That’s an easy claim to make, but sounds like a tougher situation to achieve.

As Mark explained, using Mean Time Between Failure or Mean Time To Failure (MTBF MTTF) data to measure equipment reliability is inconsistent, and to predict failure is not reliable. That’s mainly because MTBF data is based on statistical analysis of a very large number of devices, and doesn’t relate to any single component.

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Future Engineering Encouraged by ERIKS Volunteers

28-Jul-2017 12:18:23

Earlier this month, we were proud to support Business in the Community's Passport to Employment Programme at schools local to ERIKS Head Office.

Together with other large employers in the Midlands Region (JLR and Lloyds Bank were amongst some of the well-known names) the programme allowed us to work with Y9 children to help:

  • Increase their awareness of job opportunities in Advanced Manufacturing and in the local area
  • Them identify the skills and qualities needed for those jobs
  • Them think about the skills and qualities they already have
  • Them understand the different career pathways available to them after the leave school
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Tuff Choices from Gates

27-Jul-2017 06:04:00

Next time you need a spiral wire hose, you can take your pick. Or at least you can take a sharp rock – and still expect the hose to survive intact. That’s as long as you choose a hose protected by a Gates’ XtraTuff or MegaTuff cover.


Gates XtraTuff is 25 times more abrasion resistant than a standard hydraulic hose cover, while Gates MegaTuff lasts up to 30 times longer than a standard hose in ISO 6945 hose-to-hose and hose-to-metal abrasion tests.

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Topics: Innovation, News, Best Practice, Fluid Power, Transfer & Control, Hydraulics

Keeping Food Safe

25-Jul-2017 05:51:00

Paul Jakeway, Marketing Director at skin care expert Deb, looks at the threat of cross-contamination in the food industry – and what manufacturers can do to prevent it.

Figures from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) estimate that foodborne illnesses affect up to 5.5 million people in the UK a year1. Commonly known as food poisoning, foodborne illnesses can be triggered by various factors, for example bacteria present in food due to undercooked meat or food which has been left unrefrigerated for a long period of time. Cross-contamination can also be a cause of food poisoning and occurs when bacteria and viruses transfer onto food from a contaminated surface, equipment, other food and people – usually via their hands.

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How to Save Lives With A Padlock

21-Jul-2017 05:01:00

Servicing, maintaining, cleaning and repairing equipment are dangerous activities. A worker only has to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when the machine starts up, and injury or even death could result. And with one death and 160 work-related accidents every 15 seconds1, the odds don’t look good.

Making sure the machinery simply can’t start, or be started, is the obvious answer. The only way to be absolutely certain of that is to isolate it from all its energy sources. The only way to be absolutely certain of that is to use the safety procedure that’s becoming more and more popular, as well as being best practice in all European countries and law in some.

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Industry 4.0 What's Holding the UK Back?

20-Jul-2017 05:51:00

The so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution has received much press attention over the past few years, bringing with it the promise of automation, efficiency and output like never before.

However, when it comes to implementing this, UK manufacturers are standing still. Following a new report on the attitudes of UK industry towards Industry 4.0, Gary Price, International Product Manager, Automation and Services at ERIKS UK, examines what is holding manufacturing back, and why its inertia may prove costly in the long term.

It's an exciting time for manufacturing as the rise of Industry 4.0 gathers pace. The advantages are clear: more automation, less downtime, slicker processes and smarter decisions.

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Get the Green Light for ESOS and Avoid Fines

19-Jul-2017 05:04:00

It's Time to Get Organised for ESOS

In 2014, the government began the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) as part of ongoing improvements in energy efficiency within large UK companies. This scheme is now moving into the next phase, and eligible businesses are being encouraged to gather data and choose a route to compliance. 

As the next stage sets in it’s clear businesses need to get on board with green thinking – avoiding this mandatory scheme will result in enforcement notices being issued, and a number of companies have already been fined for non-compliance.

The action is clear: Get organised – before it’s too late.

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