The Chain (and braces) Way to Avoid Downtime

07-Feb-2017 08:49:48

Downtime is an issue all engineers want to avoid on their production line. And the most obvious way is to choose products and components that:

  • are reliable
  • have a longer service life
  • need less maintenance (planned and unplanned) and
  • need fewer repairs.

The result will be a product that’s more cost-effective, because it’s less expensive to own and operate and won’t interrupt production.

That’s what one of the world’s largest producers of beverages for retailers, brand owners and distributors was looking for, in a new belt for their pasteuriser.

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ULTAGE Super Precision Bearings to be Produced in Europe

02-Feb-2017 07:42:17

NTN-SNR is investing nearly 7.6 million euros in its plant in Mettmann (Germany) to manufacture its first premium range of spindle bearings for machine tools, starting in 2017. A first in Europe.

Japan will no longer be the only country producing the ULTAGE Super Precision range. NTN-SNR is adapting its plant in Mettman, Germany, to produce its premium range of spindle bearings for machine tools starting in 2017.

These bearings are the fruit of NTN’s historic expertise “Setting up industrial facilities in Europe will allow us to handle the demands of the local market more
efficiently,” said Francis Travostino, Head of NTN-SNR’s Spindle 2017 Project.

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Devaluation - A Double Edged Sword

25-Jan-2017 14:27:08

Much has been made in recent weeks of the devaluation of sterling and its impact on the UK’s export activity. 

To some, it is a long-overdue rebalancing after years of overvaluation. Certainly the 25 per cent drop in the value of the pound will, in theory, help exports, which have been particularly hampered by the ‘strong pound’, in recent years.

However, devaluation is a double-edged sword. The most obvious downside is that our foreign holidays, cars and other goods, imported from abroad, will inevitably increase in price.

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Schaeffler Explains The X Factor

23-Jan-2017 08:34:21

High performance is the elusive “X factor” engineers are always looking for in their rotating machinery. Now it’s available in a new range of track rollers, that offer longer operating times, increased efficiency and even greater reliability, says Dr Steve Lacey, Schaeffler Technology Centre Manager

Straight to Number 1

The redesigned LR52 and LR53 series of X-life track rollers from Schaeffler are not simply the highest performing track rollers in the X-life family. They’re actually the number one performing track rollers currently available anywhere on the market.

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When a Quick Fix is all you Need…

20-Jan-2017 07:54:55

…You need the Fenner® QuickFix emergency breakdown drive belt. Designed to fit V- and wedge-belt profiles, and quick and easy to install, it saves time and money – and gets production back up and running, fast.

Instead of carrying extensive, expensive stocks of every type and size of belt, ready to replace a breakage, you can now stock Fenner QuickFix belts. Supplied in convenient five metre rolls which can be cut to length on site by the maintenance team, they will rescue any belt emergency breakdown situation.

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Going Green - Britain Goes Coal Free for Almost 6 Full Days

17-Jan-2017 09:22:39

During the third quarter of 2016. Britain was able to sustain itself on low-carbon energy alone for nearly six whole days – a new record for the country.

In fact, the milestone marks the first time in 135 years that Britain has produced its electricity without burning coal, and ignites the movement towards a future powered solely by renewable energy.

Imperial College London and power firm Drax reported the news, also noting that 50.2 per cent of the UK’s electricity consumption throughout the same quarter was produced from sustainable, low-carbon sources – a statistic that looks promising against a mere 20 per cent in 2010.

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Pick up a Python

12-Jan-2017 14:14:12

When you need a python for a beverage application, AS Rubber has a wide range of BevEx brand pythons, to meet a huge variety of requirements and regulations.

BevEx Standard Pythons meet the requirements of brewers and soft drinks companies, and other applications with soft drinks, water, wine and spirits. The products comply with all relevant regulations, from the FDA code to the EU “Plastic Materials and Articles in Contact with Food” Regulations, and the BBPA QAS 3244 for brewers and licensed retailers.

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A Food Industry Guide to Lubrication-free Chain

10-Jan-2017 10:03:47

What do manufacturers really mean by lubrication-free chain, and what are the latest options available to suit the very specific requirements of the food industry? David Compton of Renold Chain untangles the lubrication-free roller chain story.

Precision roller chain is the technology of choice in a wide range of applications. It combines high efficiency with dependable durability, for a long-lasting, cost-effective mechanical power transmission solution. A correctly specified chain, appropriately lubricated, will almost certainly be the best all-round performer with the longest working life.

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When the Going gets Tough…

06-Jan-2017 08:43:29

…the tough go shopping, as the carrier bag slogan has it. But never mind what the tough do. What the really clever do is switch to eProcurement. Research shows it delivers the kind of ROI that needs a wheelbarrow to take it away, not just a carrier bag.

Figures from an Aberdeen Group study in 2014 show that companies which shift their sourcing, ordering, payment and management of procurement to electronic processes via the internet, experience a huge range of benefits.

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Can Partial Discharge Testing Improve your HV Motor Reliability?

03-Jan-2017 09:51:07

Partial Discharge (PD) is an electrical discharge or spark across a void or gap in electrical insulation between two electrodes (for e.g. in a motor the copper conductor and earth) without fully bridging across the two electrodes - hence the term "Partial". The reliability record of large high voltage Machines is generally good.

However, experience has shown that when failure does occur it is generally caused by a breakdown in the Stator Winding Insulation. Carrying out a Partial Discharge test during a high voltage “HV” motor overhaul can detect future potential failure points on the winding main cables and terminal bushings as well as the winding condition. Such weakness, if remain undetected would lead to future reliability risk and potential electrical breakdown failure in service.

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