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On-Site Solutions

Adding value through supply management

Efficient supply management adds value far beyond the storeroom.
With ERIKS know-how, efficiency improvements to your indirect
supply chain and parts management can lead to operational
efficiencies, which in turn not only enhance productivity but
also deliver real cost savings throughout the enterprise.
Savings on the spot
An experienced supply partner can spot potential efficiencies and savings, wherever they arise. Which might not be where you expect. VIEW
We've got your number
7 frightening figures you can’t afford to ignore, that
show where you may be wasting time and money across your site. VIEW
How much can you save?
These 5 small things can make a big difference, and save up to 18% of your total MRO spend. VIEW
Your top hates
7 things we know you hate about your job, that only
help to make it harder. And better still: how to get
rid of them. VIEW
Buy how, pay less
Discover acquisition cost savings made easy. Opportunities offered by a new approach to purchasing.
Best practice, more profit
Improve efficiency through Best Practice outsourcing, to ultimately realise
more profit.
Savings – step this way
5 simple steps to greater efficiency, productivity and profitability in
your stores.
Justification Tools
Facts at your fingertips
A powerful business case presentation
it’s hard to argue with. The facts.figures
and next steps to help you convince stakeholders to rethink parts supply for
wide ranging benefits. VIEW

Stores Redevelopment

ERIKS redevelop a beverage customers stores to a high standard. VIEW

World Class Stores

ERIKS relocate and improve the stores for a leading manufacturer os subsea umbilical systems. VIEW

Consolidation and Streamline of Supply

ERIKS overhaul supply chain and stores for Pharmaceutical customer. VIEW

Already a site better

Highlighting the key financial drivers used during a recent on site implementation at an automotive components manufacturer. VIEW

Don’t get left on the shelf

Being leaner and more competitive are two Important trends for enterprises. But where do you think is one of the best places to start?. VIEW

Storing up savings

A poorly-managed storeroom will almost certainly hinder production, limit efficiency and waste resources. VIEW

Is your storeroom a profit centre

Through careful planning, organisation, workflow management, inventory control and staff training, the storeroom can enjoy maximised efficiency. VIEW

Adding value through supply management

Improve supplier relationships and operating efficiency rather than wasting time sourcing a cheap, short term potentially counter- productive solution. VIEW

What's in store

It could be profit, if you have streamlined stockholding in the storeroom and established a well-documented operating process. VIEW

True value of service

Material costs are rising, but that doesn’t mean price should be the beginning and end of any negotiation when purchasing parts. VIEW

Process re-engineering

Sometimes new processes are not investigated or sampled simply because we are not aware that they exist or believe that they do not apply to us. VIEW

Inventory Optimisation

A well-managed inventory brings more than just immediate financial benefits; it establishes a leaner operation that performs better and is more profitable. VIEW

Acquisition Cost Savings

The economic climate has generated a more pressing need for acquisition cost savings while simultaneously making the task of achieving them more difficult. VIEW

28 Level Vending

A versatile and a highly reconfigurable automated dispensing system, suitable for almost any application and industry. VIEW

LID Vending

Versatile and flexible, LID incorporates many unique features making it ideal for the automotive and industrial markets. VIEW

Roto-Point Vending

Roto-Point provides a scalable and cost effective solution for the secure management of a wide range of high and low usage items. VIEW

How to become a site better

Best practice in MRO supply chain management. VIEW

5 ways to improve your site

Simple steps towards more effective stock and storeroom management. VIEW

Storeroom Solutions

Engineering stores reorganisation and optimisation. VIEW

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ERIKS Easy Order System
Simplify your stores management and procurement with ERIKS EOS with its powerful search function across a wide range of parts speeding up product sourcing. VIEW
Racking Inspection
Now a Health and Safety requirement to inspect at suitable intervals due to the number of incidents recorded, ERIKS can help
you comply. VIEW
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