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Efficient supply management adds value far beyond the storeroom. With ERIKS know-how, efficiency improvements to your indirect supply chain and parts management can lead to operational efficiencies, which in turn not only enhance productivity but also deliver real cost savings throughout the enterprise.

This resource hub contains guides, research, white papers that can help you quantify the size of the potential saving available. 

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Just ReleasedERIKS Reseach paper into factory stores management and operation

UK industry invests millions every year on indirect stock for its production processes, from hand tools through to hydraulic motors, inverters and motors. However, our new research undertaken in conjunction with The Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) and their members highlights how the performance of factory storerooms and inventory control is all-too-often overlooked, and how that could impact on the efficiency and productivity of your site.


Savings on the spot Savings on the spot 
An experienced supply partner can spot potential efficiencies and savings, wherever they arise. Which might not be where you expect. VIEW

figures about your indirect supply chain We've got your number 
7 frightening figures you can't afford to ignore, that show where you may be wasting time and money across your site. VIEW

7 things you hate about your job Your top hates 
7 things we know you hate about your job, that only help to make it harder. And better still: how to get rid of them. VIEW

5 thing make a difference to MRO spend How much can you save? 
These 5 small things can make a big difference, and save up to 18% of your total MRO spend. VIEW



Purchasing cost savings with a new approach  Buy now, pay less 
Discover acquisition cost savings made easy. Opportunities offered by a new approach to purchasing

How to become a site better Best practice, more profit 
Improve efficiency through Best Practice outsourcing, to ultimately realise
more profit

5 steps to improve your site  Savings - step this way 
5 simple steps to greater efficiency, productivity and profitability in
your stores.

Justification Tools

A business case for improved indirect supply chain Facts at your fingertips 

A powerful business case presentation it’s hard to argue with. The facts.figures and next steps to help you convince stakeholders to rethink parts supply for wide ranging benefits.

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Onsite Supply Chain in Action

Many businesses have already taken advantage of improvements in their indirect supply chain, engineering stores management and continuous improvement programmes supported by ERIKS.

Here's a few examples of companies that have worked hard to implement technical engineering savings, released engineering staffs time and gained control of their engineering stores to reduce capital back in to the business. Companies from industries as diverse as pharmaceutical and beverage producers have used Total Cost of Ownership and best practice in indirect supply chain management to drive efficiency up and operating costs down.

Stores Transformation

Read about the Cabling manufacturer that released engineers time and capital tied up in stock with an engineering stores transformation and technical support on-site supported by vending.

Simplified Supply Chain

Read about a pharmaceutical company that consolidated its supply chain and implemented a stores management and procurement system for an uplift in plant and process efficiency.

MRO Supply

Read about a beverage manufacturer that underwent a engineering maintenance, repair and operational (MRO) stores transformation including data cleansing, redesign and management system update to aid productivity gains within the maintenance team.

Technical Onsite Savings

Read about a solution involving both technical support onsite and an indirect (MRO) supply chain transformation, the company can now focus its maintenance team on productivity improvements while rationalising the supply chain and engineering stores, the numbers will surprise you.