ERIKS Unveils New Range of Spiral Wound Gaskets

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Leader-Spiral-Wound-GasketERIKS has been at the forefront of the design, manufacture and supply of gaskets for over 40 years and has launched a new range of spiral wound gaskets which can be used across all relevant industrial applications.

The Leader Gasket Technology (GT) range is available in four different styles:

S – spiral winding only, which consists of a wound gasket but with no inner or outer ring;

SI – a spiral wound gasket with a solid metal inner ring designed to minimise turbulence in process material flow, and prevent inward buckling of the spiral wound gasket element;

SR – a spiral wound gasket with a customisable outer ring; and

SRI – a gasket with a spiral winding and both an inner and outer ring.

The Leader GT range is suitable for both OEM and MRO applications across a number of different industries, including oil and gas; chemical; petrochemical; pharmaceutical; power generation; hygiene; and marine.

What’s more, all gaskets can be manufactured in our European facilities to bespoke specifications using ERIKS Gasket Technology’s state of the art engineering and design studio, including ASME B16.20 and in line with ISO 9001.

For more information, please visit the Gaskets website

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