A New Generation of Drum Motors

Posted by  Satish Chandarana 12-Sep-2017 04:40:00

Satish is our expert on Power Transmission, with over 25 years know-how and a special understanding of the Fenner brand

Interoll-New-Gen-Drum-Motors.jpgA new generation of drum motors has been introduced by Interroll.

The innovative motor platform -  predominantly used for modern conveyor belt systems in distribution centers in the production areas or in the food industry - has a completely modular design and encompasses both synchronous and asynchronous drive solutions.

The modular platform strategy from Interroll forms the basis for the multiple customer benefits from the new generation of drives, which will first be used in all motor types with a diameter of 80 mm and will then be rolled out across the entire product range.

This new platform makes it easy to combine all of the components and guarantees short and reliable delivery times. Furthermore, all of the options, such as encoders, brakes and return stops, are now available for all of the new platform’s motor variants. This makes it significantly easier for system integrators and equipment manufacturers to plan and implement efficient materials handling solutions. In addition, all of the drum motors in the new design comply with IP69K, the highest degree of hygiene protection; this means that they are significantly quicker and easier to clean, especially when compared with gear motors. 

A Longer Service Life and Increased Flexibility 

In contrast to its predecessors, the new generation of drives is distinguished by a series of design benefits. Stronger shafts and ball bearings guarantee a long service life, for example, and a robust planetary gear makes it possible to efficiently transfer high torques to the relevant conveyor belts while making very little operating noise. Thanks to an expanded number of gear stages, a larger speed range can be covered.

Therefore, it becomes particularly easy for system integrators and equipment manufacturers to implement a conveyor solution in accordance with their individual throughput specifications.

The new platform’s modular design reduces production and delivery times. Furthermore, the new generation of drum motors stands out as a plug-and-play solution thanks to the advantages offered during installation and maintenance work. In fact, in contrast to earlier generations, the power supply can be established using a simple plug-in connection. This significantly reduces downtime for maintenance and repair work, resulting in considerable cost advantages for the user.

Drum motors from Interroll offer users a high level of energy efficiency. When compared to alternative drive systems, these motors demonstrate a significantly reduced loss of power. This leads to a drastic reduction in operating costs for the user.

Want to know more? Contact your local service centre on 0845 006 600. Or if you're attending the ERIKS Innovation Excellence event at the MTC, Coventry, 3rd October 2017, visit the Interoll Stand.


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