Is your oil damaging your equipment?

Posted by  Richard Ludlam 02-Feb-2016 09:17:04

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oil-analysis-1.jpgThe very thing that should protect your equipment could be putting it under threat of catastrophic failure.

ERIKS’ research suggests that a frightening 80% of component failures are due to system contamination, which is largely due to contaminated oil.

However, the good news is that resolving contamination issues, and reducing the unexpected downtime and system failures they can cause, is simple and cost-effective, if you approach it in the right way.

With over ten years of Oil Cleanliness Management experience, ERIKS UK can offer you a choice of levels of support, to suit your needs and your budget – but all of which will help you avoid the costs of catastrophic failure due to dirty oil.

The lifeblood of machinery

Oil lubricates, reduces friction and prevents overheating, to keep your equipment running efficiently. Yet the fact that it flows all around a machine or system means that contaminated oil can also cause problems all around.

That’s why taking care of your oil, monitoring its condition and preventing or removing contamination can have such a widespread positive effect on your levels of component repairs and replacements, on the amount of downtime – both planned and unplanned – and on your productivity.

It’s to help you achieve all these benefits of oil cleanliness that ERIKS UK offers several different solutions.

From sampling to onsite support

Depending on your particular requirements, ERIKS can meet your oil cleanliness needs with:

  • An ERIKS oil sampling kit
  • Laboratory analysis of the sampled oil
  • A “Patch Test” report from an experienced ERIKS Application Engineer
  • On-site analysis of your oil, using a
    • Particle counter
    • Water sensor

There is also a fleet of ERIKS equipment available to hire, to enable you to carry out your own oil cleanliness operations on site. This comprises an:

  • Oil transfer filter trolley (30, 47 or 60 litres per minute)
  • Oil purifier
  • Standby hydraulic power pack.

ERIKS UK also has access to a range of equipment from PALL – a global leader in high-tech filtration and purification.

Clean up

Monitoring the condition of your oil and maintaining its cleanliness will help you to realise all sorts of benefits – and help you “clean up” financially.

The fact that uncontaminated oil will reduce the level of component repairs and replacements – which in turn will reduce downtime and increase productivity – has already been mentioned. As an additional benefit, needing to replace fewer parts means you can reduce your stock of spares, which would otherwise tie-up capital and space.

Cleaner oil will also help to reduce your energy use and cut your energy costs, through reducing pressure drop. It will help to lengthen the life of your equipment, which reduces your Total Cost of Ownership. And if you take advantage of ERIKS’ dedicated Condition Monitoring services, you can benefit from online reporting and condition monitoring. This not only helps you to know the health of your machinery, and to predict when it will need maintenance, but because it’s online it also reduces paperwork and increases the security of the condition reports.

You can find out more about ERIKS Oil Contamination here. Or if you would like to discuss the support we can offer to help you maintain oil cleanliness and reduce component failure, please speak to your usual ERIKS representative or your local ERIKS Service Centre.

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