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Industry 4.0 is the hot button topic in UK manufacturing, but the debate has often remained highly theoretical, with far too little attention paid to the role that data sharing and knowledge alliance can play in improving industrial maintenance practices. 

The ever-growing challenges faced by maintenance teams are increasing in complexity with a widening range of technologies and equipment with a drive for more flexible production facilities. Industry 4.0 can be a crucial element of the toolkit to face these challenges.

The research paper, “Is the UK Ready for Industry 4.0?” explores the roadblocks surrounding the implementation of Industry 4.0, such as data security, collaboration with OEMs and third party maintenance suppliers, along with the complexities of designing sensing systems.

One of the biggest concerns which faces the UK industry is our speed in taking advantage of the benefits of Industry 4.0 which will affect our ability to compete on the world stage for which we need to be well equipped.

The crux of this research paper is to answer one simple question: “Does UK industry truly understand it and are we ready for it?” This report investigates this question with support from current experiences senior management professionals in the industry.


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The research paper covers the following topics:

  • Does the UK really understand Industry 4.0?
  • Is Industry 4.0 a good or bad thing?
  • What are the key drivers and roadblocks?
  • Who to trust when it comes to Industry 4.0?
  • Data collection in Industry 4.0
  • The skills and age gap challenge for Industry 4.0


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