Industry Urged to Act on Inefficient Energy Management Policies

Posted by  Sarah Evans 11-Dec-2014 07:30:00

Marketing Communications Manager with over 20 years experience and a keen interest in new product and service innovation.

inefficient-management-policiesA leading industry certification body has warned both public and private sector organisations are at risk of major financial and reputational damage if they fail to improve energy efficiency.

BM TRADA has cited that spiralling energy costs, concerns over energy security and regulatory pressure on carbon emissions have made the need for efficient energy management systems a ‘necessity, not [a] nicety.’

Companies operating within heavy-industrial sectors, such as manufacturers and food producers, as well as public sector organisations including hospitals or schools, have the ‘most to gain’ from implementing efficient energy management processes.

Tom Johnston, BM TRADA’s chief operating officer of central certification services, said: “The cost of energy is rising rapidly, fuelled in part by growing concern over energy security, and it is the business and public sectors that are feeling the financial impact the most.”


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