Hybrid Adhesive Technology Webinar

Posted by  Mike Smith 26-Oct-2017 15:30:19

Mike is our General Manager of Tools and Maintenance with over 30 years experience in the Tool industry.

Loctite-Blog.jpgAll structural adhesives have their strengths and weaknesses but Henkel’s new hybrid technology massively extends the possibilities. To demonstrate the merits of this major advance in structural bonding, Henkel is staging a webinar on 31st October 2017, from 11.00 to 11.45 hours. 

During the session delegates will learn how these Hybrid Universal Bonders complement established technologies, offer new possibilities and simplify product selection for both assembly and repair applications.

So What's It All About

All common structural adhesive technologies have their strengths and weaknesses. Instant adhesives, for example, provide fast fixture but limited durability. If strength is important then epoxies and acrylics are great but the compromise is generally slow fixture speed and potential flammability. And polyurethanes, excellent for strength and fatigue resistance but many don’t adhere to metals without a primer.

Thanks to Henkel, however, there’s now another alternative. A new range of universal structural bonders break through these boundaries for both design engineers and maintenance professionals.

The introduction of Henkel’s Hybrid Technology has massively extended the scope of application for structural adhesives in both design and repair. They harness the strengths of different adhesive technologies to provide a unique combination of characteristics. Currently four different adhesives complete this range, each with its own distinguishing features and benefits.

These patented Universal Bonders provide outstanding substrate versatility that allows greater design flexibility and simplified production processes. Fast fixturing increases throughput and minimises downtime and their increased reliability and durability ensures the quality of the assembly or repair. Added to this, their health and safety credentials are improved too.

Click here to register for the webinar.


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