Green Technologies Lead the Way in Securing Innovation Funding

Posted by  The Tig 25-Sep-2015 01:00:00

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Energy_TrilemmaForty UK companies have been awarded funding to help research and develop innovative green technologies.

The Energy Catalyst competition, run by Innovate UK, is intended to help support companies committed to solving the energy "trilemma" - namly reducing carbon emissions, increasing supply security and cutting energy cost.

Round One winners include Nyak Technology, who won £200,000 to develop an organic solar cell which could eventually replace domestic windows with transparent energy-producing solar panels. In addition, Oaktec, are currently pioneering the use of untreated gas from landfill sites to power a self-supercharged biogas engine.

UK's Business and Energy Minister, said: "The projects we are backing through the Energy Catalyst, demonstrate the depth and breadth of British Innovation in the sector. Many of these projects are not only UK firsts, but world firsts, and by supporting them at this early stage, we will ensure the UK reaps the rewards in the future."

Another £14m of funding was made available in the second round of the competition, which closed in April.


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