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Posted by  Mike Smith 21-Oct-2016 08:46:47

Mike is our General Manager of Tools and Maintenance with over 30 years experience in the Tool industry.

loctite-white-label-products.jpgFinding faster, more sustainable ways to assemble, bond, seal and repair equipment parts is always a challenge. It’s especially tough in the food and beverage industry, where the regulations are strictest, and constantly changing. However, even as the rules multiply and grow ever-more demanding, one manufacturer of machinery products has found a solution.

Adhesives and sealants are a high strength, reliable and cost-saving way to deal with many of the tasks machine builders and maintenance engineer’s face on a daily basis.

These can include:

  • Assembling and sealing machinery covers, inspection windows and bolted joints

  • Bonding small parts, wipers and rubber seals

  • Creating chemical and airtight assemblies and

  • Carrying out repairs.

But the regulations which apply to all mechanical parts that handle consumable products in the food and drink industry also apply to adhesives and sealants. This can mean they need to carry risk warnings, hazard symbols or safety phrases, may need to undergo costly and time-consuming COSHH assessment, and must meet the recently introduced Classification, Labelling and Packaging regulations.

These CLP regulations are the latest burden on the food and beverage industry, and are even more strict than the Dangerous Preparations Directive. Applying to any product produced after June 2015, they require them to carry the latest hazard symbols and text, and can mean that some products which escaped earlier legislation will now need to carry a hazard symbol, and some which already have one will now need two.

With so much regulation to comply with, a selection of LOCTITE® products from Henkel which not only saves time and money in equipment manufacturing processes, but also avoids the need for warnings, safety markings and more paperwork, can only be good news.

Whiter than white

LOCTITE® “white label” products comprise structural and flexible adhesives and sealants, instant adhesives, thread lockers, retainers and liquid gaskets, and not only offer a quick and effective solution for many applications, but also one which comes with a “white” material safety data sheet.

In other words, users can be confident that these selected products are fully tested and approved to contain no hazardous ingredients which require COSHH assessments, or hazard labelling. These LOCTITE® machinery products are also WRAS -approved, so can be safely used throughout the food and beverage industry, provided there’s no direct or indirect contact with food or potable water.

Stick – fast

With the freedom and flexibility to use these LOCTITE® adhesives and sealants throughout the industry, food and beverage equipment manufactures and maintenance engineers can work faster and more cost-effectively.

For example, joints can be made more quickly, and locked and sealed more effectively, preventing any ingress of foreign matter. And when LOCTITE® adhesives and sealants are used, there’s no danger of nuts and bolts working loose through vibration, of hydraulic parts leaking, gaskets seeping or bearings fretting. So production is less likely to be disrupted, productivity and efficiency can be maintained, and the life of equipment can be lengthened.

LOCTITE® white label products can also be used to repair parts which might otherwise be considered non-serviceable.

If a seized bearing has been spinning on the shaft or within a housing, for example, in the past it would have required a complete replacement. But using LOCTITE® products, the machinery can be put back into action using a new bearing together with the original worn parts.

And not only will it be back up and running quickly, but the repaired machinery will also be more efficient and with an extended life.


SAFE for use throughout the food and beverage industry

NO hazardous ingredients

HIGH strength, reliable and cost-saving

Staying healthy and safe

As health and safety regulations are updated and changed, some products fall foul and can no longer be used – no matter how useful they may have been.

The LOCTITE® range of white label adhesives and sealants avoids this problem through continual development.

When regulations change, LOCTITE® products are modified as required to keep them in line with the changed requirements, and to maintain their “white label” classification. So once you choose LOCTITE® white label products, and discover how useful they are, you can stick with them always.

Find out more from your local ERIKS Service Centre on 0845 006 6000. 

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