Four Strategies for Reducing Industrial Lighting Costs

Posted by  Adam Hicks 10-Dec-2014 08:00:00

Adam heads up ERIKS Electrical Division as well as being the go to guy for our lighting solutions offering


Lighting costs are a major concern for companies these days, especially with the gradual phasing out of old systems and updated requirements that essentially mandate changes.

These four strategies will help achieve your goal of reducing industrial lighting costs for your facility.

Strategy 1: Investing in Efficient Lamps

Modern lamps are capable of providing more - and better - light at a lower electrical cost. Installing new lamps will immediately reduce the monthly bill for lighting, and unless the current system is fairly new, the savings could reach 50% or more.

Note that this is actually a long-term savings, as efficient lamps tend to be more expensive than inefficient ones. It will likely take several months - at minimum - for the lights to pay themselves off.

Past this point, however, the savings of new lamps are essentially pure profit for a company. Lighting is something that's required to run the business, so it can't be cut out entirely - but reducing its costs as much as possible is a sound strategy for freeing up cash and investing that money back into the business.

Strategy 2: Invest in Dimming Switches and Sensors

There's no good reason to limit every light to a simple on/off configuration. Dimming switches allow for lamps to run at varying levels, usually based on how much other lighting is available.

Automatic sensors can detect natural lighting and adjust the artificial level accordingly.

Either way, this allows for reducing electricity usage even further, sharply curtailing expenses and helping the overall business. Note that the sensors and controls for this set-up do have costs of their own, and may need professional installation - these details should be factored into your estimates of how much money you'll save.

In the long-run, however, these controls are a solid investment - if they aren't reducing your costs, then you've done something wrong.

Strategy 3: Audit Company Premises to Find Savings

A proper audit of each building can locate waste and indicate areas where things can be trimmed down to provide savings.

Any lighting that goes above and beyond regulations is wasted energy - and that means wasted money.

Proper spacing of lighting arrays will ensure the maximum value for each one, while understanding the use of the facility will let you know where it's most practical to install alternate controls, timers, and other methods of reducing your costs.

Strategy 4: Invest In New Solutions

New methods of reducing costs come out on a regular basis, and replacing your entire lighting array could be what you need to sharply reduce your lighting costs.

Here's the core of the matter: Savings on lighting are always a long-term investment.

The up-front costs are high, yes - that's something that just can't be avoided. However, most established businesses aren't going to be closing down in just two or three years - and it's always best to think in the long-term. A moderate investment now could provide a major return over time, making it quite literally worth your time and money.

Savings aren't going to happen all by themselves, but a solid replacement plan - and a good loan at a reasonable rate, if you don't have enough cash handy - means that you can start saving as soon as you decide to go through with the replacement plan. It's better for the environment, it's better for the company, and it's better for the country.

Investment is important

There is no reason to avoid looking at your options and making a decision on whether or not a replacement is worth doing - because chances are that it is.

Unlike many investments, lighting is both predictable and reliable - facilities need to be lit for workers to do their jobs, and the savings over time can be calculated with exacting precision.

Think of this investment as an opportunity to cut down your costs and build your company into a stronger, healthier business. It really is that simple.

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