Food Safety - Best Practice Tips from Festo

Posted by  Mark Stone 21-Jul-2015 15:31:00

Mark is our Fluid Power Technical Manager, based at our Core Competence Centre in Coventry.

food-industry-image2Safety is crucial for all industry sectors but is of specific importance to the food industry. Protecting the consumer and the manufacturer’s brand are the key aspects of hygienic and efficient automation in food production. The aims are high productivity and perfect tasting food without compromising quality.

Festo, a quality manufacturer of hygienic automation technology for the food industry, have recently produced a Best Practice Whitepaper on Food Safety containing information on:

  • Potential hazards in food production and processing - Recognising and preventing risks of food contamination and bacteria growth;
  • Regulations - Valid standards and directives for hygienic automation technology;
  • Material selection - What are the right materials and design for hygienic machinery components to protect food at all times;
  • Cleaning machinery parts in the food sector - eliminating sources of contamination such as bacteria, chemical influences or corrosion particles through using the correct components ann techniques;
  • Tips on implementing a hygienic food production system 


To download a copy of the whitepaper, click on the image below:


 Festo Food Safety Whitepaper


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