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Undertaken In association with the Institution of Engineering and Technology (The IET)

ERIKS and The IET developed an Industry Stock Management Survey. During July and August 2015, ERIKS undertook research via an internet questionnaire to IET members with over 150 Engineers, Maintenance and Storeroom Personnnel across a variety of industrial sectors participating.

The storeroom, or ‘factory stores’ it turns out, is all-too-often a black hole which sucks in stock and inventory, and is seemingly incapable of satisfying the demands of its stakeholders in other parts of the business. 

Engineers, who should be on the factory floor fixing machinery, are reduced to leafing through catalogues, trying to find exactly what they need to repair vital equipment.

British industry spends millions of pounds every year on indirect stock for its manufacturing processes, from simple tools through to pumps, drives and motors. It appears that is area that should recieve a little more love and attention, to find out why download the Research Paper using the form below.

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This insightful research has the answer to;

  • Time wasted
  • Who's in control
  • Access
  • Obsolescence
  • Vending

The paper also includes case studies showcasing significant savings from rethinking factory stores.

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