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Posted by  Dave Johnson 15-Dec-2015 16:03:10

Dave heads up ERIKS Coupling Centre of Excellence in Doncaster and has 35 years experience in power transmissions

rexnord-couplingsForget marriage guidance. The kind of couple counselling offered by the ERIKS Centre of Excellence for Couplings makes sure that anything brought together, stays together including ERIKS and Rexnord, their coupling supplier partner.

When a very large, international petrochemical company had coupling problems, they turned to ERIKS’ Grimsby Service Centre for guidance. They called on the expertise of the couplings Centre of Excellence, to ensure a quick, cost effective solution. 

Refining the answer

The petrochemical company needed a coupling to fit between a motor and pump on one of the many pump drives at their refinery. This type of “spacer” coupling is used in all petrochemical process plants, on the majority of their pump drives.

The location and application meant it had to be not only API610 (American Petroleum Institute standard) compliant, but also ATEX approved and non-sparking. When they contacted ERIKS, the customer suggested a possible unit and also provided a detailed specification, including hub and bore sizes and Distance Between Shaft Ends (DBSE) dimensions.

Rather than simply and blindly following the instructions, the Grimsby Service Centre contacted the Centre of Excellence, for expert advice both on the specification and the suitability of the unit the customer had suggested.

The know-how and expertise of the team at the Centre of Excellence meant they could propose a solution that was better in more ways than one.

Supporting the supporters

The ERIKS Centre of Excellence for couplings and drives is staffed by a highly experienced team. But as well as bringing their own industry experience to bear on the problem, the team have been specially trained by application engineers from their supplier partner: coupling manufacturer and process and motion control specialist, Rexnord®.

This gives them exceptional capabilities in solving coupling and drives problems of all types, across all industries and applications. And this particular problem was no exception. The team brought their know-how and passion for technology to bear, and provided the Service Centre with an improved solution to offer the customer.

Upping the ante

ERIKS’ expertise and experience, broad range of suppliers, and solution-neutral approach means the product and solution proposed is always the one that’s best for the customer, not just for ERIKS.

In this case, a close look at the specification led the Centre of Excellence to suggest a more up-to-date, higher specification Rexnord unit which offered a number of advantages.

The Rexnord Thomas® XTSR71 is the latest update to the well-known Series 71of all-metal, torsionally stiff, disc couplings. And it’s a coupling which, when operating within its design parameters, is designed for infinite life.

More than a couple

XTSRSeriesThe new coupling provided the customer with numerous benefits compared to their original specification. The Rexnord Thomas XTSR71 is smaller than the original coupling, which means it also costs less. And being lighter, it puts less strain on the bearings in the drive – helping to extend their service life – and reduces the overall power consumption needed to drive the pump assembly.

Compliant with ATEX II 2GD c T6, the coupling is not only approved for Gas and Dust explosive atmospheres, but also for T6: the toughest temperature class for the group and category. In addition, it is constructed using Monel (copper-nickel alloy) bushes, which offer a high-level of spark reduction.

The design of the XTSR71 has been optimised to reduce the coupling’s mass  and increase bore capacities. It also provides component modularity, together with integrated rigidising for balancing, and improved corrosion protection.

Easy to own

With the new coupling installed, the customer has discovered a number of other advantages and benefits which make it an easy product to own and run:

  1. When replacement of the Centre Member Assembly (CMA) is required, the unit can simply be “dropped out” of the pre-assembled part and replaced. This means there’s no need to set-up the pump and motor alignment each time the coupling is serviced.
  2. The flexible nature of the coupling means it can accommodate a certainamount of misalignment between the pump and electric motor, which helps to protect the bearings and prolong the life of the whole system.
  3. The coupling’s modular construction means the CMA can be kept as a separate spare part, enabling very quick replacement.

ERIKS ultimately supplied the customer with two units. One has a 175mm, and the other a 180mm, DBSE. All service parts – common to both couplings – have also been supplied, comprising hubs, disc packs, adaptors, and nuts, bolts and washers.

By providing a coupling with a high efficiency design, easier maintenance and infinite-life design, the ERIKS Centre of Excellence has given the customer a comprehensive solution which meets all their needs – and for a lower purchase price than they expected. In other words, the perfect marriage of efficiency and cost-effectiveness. 

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