ERIKS Engineers Prevent Unplanned Layovers to Fit Coils

Posted by  David Arbuthnott 13-Mar-2015 07:30:00

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Marine services riding squadsERIKS understand that unplanned layovers and unscheduled voyage deviations cause a massive amount of disruption to any voyage so to avoid this for one customer, ERIKS flew two teams of engineers out to meet the ship at its next planned stops at short notice, to carry out emergency repairs to a large generator. 

The first team of ERIKS Electro Mechanical Services engineers flew out to Singapore in order to dismantle the unit and identify the fault, and another flew to install custom built stator coils during its voyage from Alaska to Seattle. 

The Issue

The problem was identified when ERIKS’ Ship Repair Service was contacted by a Monaco based Shipping agent because it had discovered that a generator used to power the lighting throughout one of their ships was faulty. Although the passenger liner had a spare generator on board, if the problem was not solved, the ship wouldn’t have an emergency backup system for a journey that would begin at Singapore and would cover ports in China, Alaska and the US. However, the ship could not afford a long layover period on such a difficult journey, but still required the generator to be fixed as soon as possible.

ERIKS in Action

In response, ERIKS immediately arranged for their Electro Mechanical Services (EMS) division to fly a team of specialists to meet the ship in dock at Singapore. In order to carry out a thorough inspection, the team dismantled the alternator on the voyage to Shanghai. The results of which, determined that the generator exciter was at fault but the replacement equipment was not available. The exciter was then removed from the generator and dismantled to discover that the stator winding needed to be replaced.

However, this was not a straightforward operation as the distance between the coils, endshields and casing was critical, meaning that there was no room for internal connections on the stator winding. To produce a replacement unit, the EMS team took detailed measurements from the casing and faxed them from the ship directly to ERIKS' Coil Division.

From the information that was faxed over, ERIKS EMS Coils Division made a mock-up of the stator frame to guarantee the coils would fit the alternator excitor perfectly without wasting a considerable amount of time and effort involved in the installation stage. A method to shape the coil group to fit directly into the stator frame then had to be devised and, to complicate matters further, a method of manufacturing the sectional coils without inter coil connections had to be determined to allow the coils to be fitted into the stator frame as complete groups.

After making a set of coils from scratch in just two weeks, the Division arranged for the half-ton units to be flown out to meet the ship at Shanghai, the next port of call. However, ERIKS engineers could not be taken on the journey from Shanghai to Alaska, so the team of engineers flew to Alaska to meet the ship and successfully rewound the exciter during its voyage between Alaska and Seattle.

ERIKS know how

As part of the ERIKS Group, the Coils Division can manufacture instant supplies of copper to enable faster deliveries of the completed coils, kits or sections. This supply system and complete in-house manufacturing facility allows the Division to quickly produce formed A.C. coils up to 17,200 volts, helping solve the emergency motor faults encountered by nearly every ship during its operating lifetime. To find out more about what ERIKS offers to the Marine Industry order your brochure Marine Brochure 

The Coils Division forms part of ERIKS EMS, which is BS EN ISO 9002 accredited to carry out all motor, generator, alternator, transformer and pump repairs as well as providing condition monitoring services. Such tasks are coordinated by ERIKS Marine Division that specialises in providing vessels of all sizes with guaranteed repairs at their intended destination, rather than having to make unscheduled voyage deviations or incurring excessive layover periods.

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