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No Parts, No Window, No Time. No Problem

29-Jun-2017 08:23:01

Most repair and maintenance jobs in industry have to be carried out against the clock. Unplanned downtime is a cost, and planned downtime a rarity.

But in one subsea manufacturing plant, it’s not just a rarity. It’s completely non-existent.

The facility produces the underwater umbilicals used for transporting gas and oil pumped from offshore rigs back to dry land. Serving customers are far apart as the North Sea and Brazil, the company has a full order book and manufactures around the clock to meet demand. So when the gearbox on their coiling machine began to have problems, the company called in ERIKS Drives Technology Centre Team and outlined the problem:

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Repair or Replace: The Key Criteria for Drive Decision-Makers

11-Apr-2016 13:19:56

What should drive your decision when you’re deciding whether to repair or replace a drive? Nigel Jones and Simon Whitehouse of ERIKS discuss the issues and outline your options.

Criteria #1 - Production Disruption

If a drive has failed and production is disrupted or completely halted as a result, your focus will be on getting production back up and running as soon as possible. Sometimes an on-the-spot repair will be the quickest solution, but it may be a short-term one. Before long another drive failure – perhaps a catastrophic one – could occur. However, with a very old drive, even a straight swap may not be straightforward, as dimensional differences may have been introduced over time.

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When Saving Money on Gearboxes Costs You Money

17-Mar-2015 15:19:00

All too often, a decision is made to carry out an in-house repair to a process gearbox in the mistaken belief it will save money. The reality is often very different.

Compared with replacing or upgrading – with their long lead times, difficult modifications or higher initial costs – a repair is often a sensible decision. But problems arise, and costs rise, when you decide to choose in-house repairs rather than sub-contracting to a third party.

Because there’s not just one cost to consider, but four.

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ERIKS Asset Guard, Thinking Outside the Box

10-Sep-2014 09:30:00

ERIKS have designed a purpose built early warning monitoring system known as the Asset Guard.  This system has been designed and built to monitor rotating equipment and components, which is particularly effective on industrial plant including gearboxes and associated equipment.

The system has been developed to support the customer by taking real time data from the equipment being monitored and sending this to ERIKS know-how Cloud for logging, the areas monitored can include thermal, vibration and oil level indication.

The ERIKS Asset Guard system, can be fitted on any and all types and styles of all industrial gearboxes and associated equipment supplied into the industry. 

The data is able to be viewed on a specifically designed dashboard tailored to the individual needs of the customer and can be accessed from all web accessible devices which including – smart phones, tablets, laptops and PC’s.

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What Keeps You Awake At Night?

15-Aug-2014 10:00:00

We all know about condition monitoring, vibration and thermal analysis as effective ways to keep an eye on your machines and be forewarned of anything going wrong. But sometimes ‘Maintenance Engineer Monitoring’ can almost be as effective.

A Maintenance Engineer knows his plant very well indeed: a change in the running note of a motor, a slight dip in speed of a belt, more often than not he would spot it. 

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