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The Chain (and braces) Way to Avoid Downtime

07-Feb-2017 08:49:48

Downtime is an issue all engineers want to avoid on their production line. And the most obvious way is to choose products and components that:

  • are reliable
  • have a longer service life
  • need less maintenance (planned and unplanned) and
  • need fewer repairs.

The result will be a product that’s more cost-effective, because it’s less expensive to own and operate and won’t interrupt production.

That’s what one of the world’s largest producers of beverages for retailers, brand owners and distributors was looking for, in a new belt for their pasteuriser.

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When a Quick Fix is all you Need…

20-Jan-2017 07:54:55

…You need the Fenner® QuickFix emergency breakdown drive belt. Designed to fit V- and wedge-belt profiles, and quick and easy to install, it saves time and money – and gets production back up and running, fast.

Instead of carrying extensive, expensive stocks of every type and size of belt, ready to replace a breakage, you can now stock Fenner QuickFix belts. Supplied in convenient five metre rolls which can be cut to length on site by the maintenance team, they will rescue any belt emergency breakdown situation.

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A Food Industry Guide to Lubrication-free Chain

10-Jan-2017 10:03:47

What do manufacturers really mean by lubrication-free chain, and what are the latest options available to suit the very specific requirements of the food industry? David Compton of Renold Chain untangles the lubrication-free roller chain story.

Precision roller chain is the technology of choice in a wide range of applications. It combines high efficiency with dependable durability, for a long-lasting, cost-effective mechanical power transmission solution. A correctly specified chain, appropriately lubricated, will almost certainly be the best all-round performer with the longest working life.

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Getting the Most Out of Chain Demands Careful Selection

24-Nov-2016 06:06:00

Engineers often select chain according to the wrong criteria and risk ending up with a product that is destined to suffer from either premature wear, or even failure, as a result.

Renold Chain report that a lot of engineers are using breaking load as an absolute measure of performance when there is a huge variation in working life for different chains with identical breaking loads.

In explaining the origin of the problem Renold report that in the past, breaking load was one of the earliest chain standards so engineers got used to specifying it that way and many of them still do.

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The Wizard Solution from Oz

07-Nov-2016 08:02:15

Quarries and mines are the same the world over: tough on people, and tough on equipment. So a drive belt solution developed to meet the demands of the Australian mining industry is just as applicable up here as Down Under.

That solution is the Fenner Ultra PLUS 150 high-strength wedge belt – the belt that offers 150% of the power rating of the regular Fenner Power PLUS wedge belt. But that’s not its greatest strength. Its greatest strength is actually… its great strength.

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Safety Gets the Lime-Green Light from Rexnord

13-Oct-2016 07:08:28

The new bright lime green accumulation chain from Rexnord provides extra protection for your operators and your packs. But that’s not all. It also helps reduce your energy costs, and the Total Cost of Ownership of your conveyor system.

The problem with traditional Low Backline Pressure (LBP) chains is a serious gap in safety. It occurs at the transfer point between conveyors, where the chain opens and closes. As it does so, a gap forms between the rollers on the chain links, creating a potential trapping hazard for fingers and clothing.

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Vital Chain in the Link

29-Jul-2016 12:27:18

A valuable part of ERIKS’ services is the supply of chain to its customers, from ERIKS Service Centres. These Service Centres are themselves, in turn, linked to Tomax – an ERIKS company and a leading provider of industrial chain.

Based in the Midlands, Tomax provides a 24/7 nationwide service, supplying transmission and roller chain and leaf chain for forklift trucks. All these types of chain are held in stock, for faster fulfilment of orders. For urgent requirements, both next day and same day delivery are available.

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Pitch Perfect Precision from Renold

15-Mar-2016 13:31:00

High-quality, precision chain is essential in many materials handling applications. Often, the chain is critical to precise positioning – for filling, labelling or sealing. And it may have to run as matched and paired strands, with perfectly aligned attachments.

With constraints like these, expert help and advice can be crucial to finding the perfect solution.

Perfect alignment of attachments is relatively easy to achieve with new chain. But to maintain that alignment throughout its working life, each strand of the chain has to wear at exactly the same rate. If it doesn’t, production could be affected, product damaged, and costly downtime incurred.

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The Appliance of Fenner SCIENCE

08-Feb-2016 07:28:47

Making sure you get the best out of your belt drives is all down to SCIENCE. That’s not us SHOUTING, and it’s not physics or chemistry. It’s: 

Select Correctly Install Effectively Never Compromise Efficiency.

So it may be SCIENCE but its certainly not rocket science. Its just a set of three simple rules which will help you ensure your drive selection performs at its optimum. Let's look at them one by one.


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From A to B via Fenner Conveyor Chain

22-Dec-2015 14:41:36

On the face of it, conveyor chain has a pretty simple job to do: just moving something from one place to another. But when you consider all the things that might possibly need moving by conveyor, you can begin to see that it’s not so simple after all. Which is why manufacturing high-quality conveyor chain takes experience and expertise.

Experience, like chain, is one thing Fenner isn’t short of. In fact they have been manufacturing chain for over 150 years.

Whatever the type of chain and whatever the application, customers are looking for many of the same benefits. A chain that’s easy to fit. One that’s hard wearing with minimal maintenance. That has a long service life. And which they know will be available and therefore readily replaceable, for many years to come.

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