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The Inside Story to ERIKS Regional Hubs

20-Mar-2017 11:57:47

What’s inside the new ERIKS Regional Hubs to help your productivity, efficiency and sustainability?

An earlier issue of Know+How looked at the new ERIKS Regional Hubs, and how they’re bringing the resources of a national organisation to easily accessible, local hubs. So exactly what kind of resources can you expect to find in your nearest ERIKS Regional Hub, to help improve your performance, productivity and profitability?

What the Regional Hubs are not is just as important as what they are. Because they’re definitely not just a shop front or a forwarding address, trying to put a regional presence on a centralised organisation. What they are is a fully resourced, fully stocked, fully supported source of ERIKS know-how, products and experience, brought right to where you want it.

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Simply Safer in Waste and Recycling

01-Mar-2017 07:26:05

Five in every hundred workers were affected by work-related illnesses in the waste industry in 2014/15. Five thousand were injured at work. 16,000-145,000 working days were lost on average in 2009/10 to 2014/15. And fines across the waste and recycling industry totalled over £2,063,000.* Ignoring health and safety is clearly not a safe thing to do.

It’s very easy for an employee to forget that their safety gloves won’t last forever or to think that standing on a concrete floor won’t do any harm. But in the waste sector, it’s not easy to overlook a fatal injury rate that’s up to twenty times the all-industry standard, and an injury rate that’s around double.

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Industry 4.0 We've Got Your Number

17-Feb-2017 08:31:21

It’s never been easier to find out what’s going on with your machines. Thermography, oil analysis and vibration monitoring give you the best picture you’ve ever had of the condition of equipment. But data doesn’t always add up to answers. And more data doesn’t necessarily mean a clearer picture. So how can Industry 4.0 help you make the best use of the data available?

Industry 4.0 – sometimes described as “the next Industrial Revolution” – uses the cloud and the Internet of Things to make data more readily available so it can be more effectively applied or acted on. Essentially it’s about maximising connectivity – and for machine condition monitoring that means helping you keep constant tabs on key measurable parameters, without having to be standing by the machine and without having to wait for a written report.

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Devaluation - A Double Edged Sword

25-Jan-2017 14:27:08

Much has been made in recent weeks of the devaluation of sterling and its impact on the UK’s export activity. 

To some, it is a long-overdue rebalancing after years of overvaluation. Certainly the 25 per cent drop in the value of the pound will, in theory, help exports, which have been particularly hampered by the ‘strong pound’, in recent years.

However, devaluation is a double-edged sword. The most obvious downside is that our foreign holidays, cars and other goods, imported from abroad, will inevitably increase in price.

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When the Going gets Tough…

06-Jan-2017 08:43:29

…the tough go shopping, as the carrier bag slogan has it. But never mind what the tough do. What the really clever do is switch to eProcurement. Research shows it delivers the kind of ROI that needs a wheelbarrow to take it away, not just a carrier bag.

Figures from an Aberdeen Group study in 2014 show that companies which shift their sourcing, ordering, payment and management of procurement to electronic processes via the internet, experience a huge range of benefits.

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Is Chocolate a Strategic National Asset?

12-Dec-2016 13:23:19

Amongst all the political turbulence in the UK at the moment there was one announcement that slipped out under the radar that could have enormous implications for business.

In the early days of the new Theresa May administration, the Prime Minister took advantage of the takeover of FTSE 100 Tech firm, ARM Holdings, by a Japanese IT company, to announce that going forward overseas takeovers of British assets would be subject to a national interest test.

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Together for Life

15-Nov-2016 09:57:16

Products, like people, are tending to live longer. And as with people, the older products get the more often they fail, and the more expensive they are to repair. That’s an issue the NHS is still trying to resolve, but which ERIKS is already helping to solve for its customers.

That not only means that every product you buy from ERIKS should last longer and be more efficient throughout its life. It also means that, in the long-run, it will cost you less.

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Face-to-Face with Obsolescence

31-Oct-2016 07:24:32

Of the many things that give maintenance engineers nightmares, at the top of the list must be component failure. Hard on its heels would be discovering the failed component is now obsolete. So good news from ERIKS about a valve that’s crucial to the food and beverage industry will be a maintenance engineer’s dream come true.

Every engineer working in the food and beverage sector will have encountered the Realm Butterfly Valve. Realm began manufacturing hygienic equipment such as stainless steel valves in the late 1950s, and was the first British manufacturer to introduce stainless steel hygienic butterfly valves. These valves are used for a wide range of applications within the industry, either as open/close or simple regulating valves.

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4 Steps to Better Bearings from NTN-SNR

14-Oct-2016 07:35:03

There’s probably no area of your manufacturing process that hasn’t been pored over in minute detail to find savings, minimise downtime and maintenance costs, and increase productivity.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t still potential for an expert with specialist knowledge to identify more ways to optimise efficiency.

Working in partnership with distributors and end-users, NTN-SNR Bearings is actively promoting a Lifecycle Management process, that looks at four key moments in the life of a bearing where you can help maximise bearing life whilst reducing costs.

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Brexit Triggers Review of Hygiene Regulations for UK Food Industry

01-Oct-2016 13:10:00

The food industry faces two major challenges as they battle the impact of Brexit and a serious skills shortage, warns the Society of Food Hygiene & Technology (SOFHT).

The review process that the food industry is likely to undertake as a result of the EU referendum will create issues, according to Ian Booth, Chairman of the SOFHT. He believes there will be a focus on reviewing legislative structures as well as any supply issues that may have been created as a result of Brexit.

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