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How Housing Kits Can Boost Bearings

19-Oct-2016 07:36:49

The all-in-one SKF Housing Kit, with pre-matched components, simplifies the process of developing a bearing system.

Rotating components, such as bearings, must be protected if they are to enjoy long, productive lives. A proven way of doing this is to use bearing housings – modular assemblies that streamline bearing and shaft installation while boosting protection, extending operating life and simplifying maintenance.

However, researching and ordering the component parts of a bearing housing unit can eat up time and money. Bearing housings are available in many sizes and categories – and that’s just the standard range. Any non-standard designs – which might include special shaft centre heights, or unusual sealing arrangements – add further complexity.

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Five Frustrating Fan Issues and Five Fantastic Solutions

07-Jul-2016 11:57:47

Fans are frequently found in mining and quarrying equipment. So knowing the most common issues they suffer – and how to overcome them – can help you minimise unplanned downtime and maximise equipment productivity.

Premature failure

Frustration - There's nothing more frustrating than this. The key is to find the root cause so you can prevent it happening again. In the mining and quarrying environment, dirt ingress is the most likely culprit, so the first step is to check seals.

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Optimising Your Fan Systems

07-Apr-2016 14:05:40

It’s natural to look for ways to optimise your assets. But have you ever thought about the fact that it’s your engineers who keep those assets performing at their optimum?

So an unreliable, inefficient asset creates an overworked, underproductive, inefficient engineer. And an engineer who’s spending too much time resolving unplanned problems isn’t spending enough time on maintaining your smooth-running, efficient production.

By optimising your assets, you’re not only increasing their reliability, efficiency and productivity. You’re also freeing-up engineers for more useful and productive tasks than helping a poorly-performing asset to limp along to its next breakdown.

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The Quarter Million Bearing Saving

26-Oct-2015 15:23:01

Can something as simple as a replacement bearing save a business almost £1/4 Million in a single year?

It can... with the help of ERIKS, it did. 

The bearing sits at the base of a screw conveyor in a chemical plant, where it is continually subjected to an aggressive chemical that is transported by the conveyor. 

This heavy contamination meant a bearing replacement was typically required seven times a year, involving stopping the conveyor and halting production for half a day at a time.

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The Savings That Didn't Get Away...

01-Oct-2015 08:00:00

60 hours of production were being lost each year through repeated bearing failures, before a manufacturer of fish products asked ERIKS for help.

The problems at this particular production facility were arising in their Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers. These were operating as part of a continuous process, and fouling of the heat exchangers – with a subsequent reduction in heat transfer efficiency – can occur. In fact, the internal scrapers are designed not only to mix the product but also to remove material build-up at the same time.

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Going Beyond Zero On Enviromental Impacts with SKF

03-Sep-2015 16:22:42

The need for industry to reduce energy use is not going away any time soon. Two possible solutions, as Rob Jenkinson, Director Corporate Sustainability from SKF explains, are the bearings that reduce friction in electric motors and moving from traditional hydraulic or pneumatic actuation to electro-mechanical linear drives.

As energy awareness evolves, matures, and combines with increasing environmental consciousness, more businesses are realising that energy use reduction can be about being green as well as staying out of the red. As we are all becoming more environmentally conscious, manufacturing industry seeks ways.

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The A-ZZ of Freewheels

24-Jun-2015 16:21:00

Ringspann freewheelsFinding the right freewheel for an application can be difficult. Most will do the job – but the question is, which will do it most efficiently and cost-effectively, for longest?

One way to ensure you make the right choice is to consider factors such as the quality of materials used, the standard of manufacture, and the experience of the company making the products.

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Maximising Production Efficiency with Schaeffler

10-Jun-2015 12:50:00

In food and beverage processing, production is typically based on highly automated, fast moving processes and systems, where every second of production counts.

In these operating environments, the cost of production downtime can equate to hundreds of thousands of pounds per day. Total maintenance costs for a typical food or beverage manufacturer are around 15-20% of total costs.

Quiet running, energy efficient and reliable mechanical components such as bearings that offer longer operating life times, play an important role in the Total Cost of Ownership of critical plant and machinery.

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Even the Choice of Bearings is Tough from Timken

07-May-2015 08:04:00

timken-housed-bearings-familyTough jobs demand tough bearings. Some of the toughest bearings you can find are made by Timken – a global leader in friction management technologies. And with 8 different housed bearing types to choose from, in a huge range of sizes, Timken even make choosing tough.

Timken is not only the leading authority on tapered roller bearings, but also has one of the most complete offerings of anti-friction bearings available. Each one represents the ultimate in bearing design and manufacture, based on Timken’s long experience and deep knowledge – not just of bearings and related systems, but also of metallurgy, tribology and power transmission. So you can expect a Timken bearing to be the most efficient design and manufactured from the most robust materials.

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Smoothing the Way to Energy Savings

20-Oct-2014 09:25:00

Motor-driven equipment for light to medium-loaded applications – such as pumps, compressors and fans – consumes roughly 1.36 trillion kwh per year in the EU and us alone. So anything which can reduce friction and increase industrial electric motor efficiency will make a major contribution to cutting energy consumption worldwide. The new bearing family from SKF is one such important development.

SKF Energy Efficient (E2) performance class bearings have been specially engineered and manufactured to reduce frictional moment by 30% or more beyond the already efficient SKF standard bearings. Which means that compared to other manufacturers’ bearings, reductions can be even more dramatic.

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