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3 Bright Ideas in 1

03-Nov-2017 05:17:00

For workers in low- or no-light conditions, clothing incorporating the latest Glowtex™ Triple Technology from Portwest can make sure they’re seen, and safe, at all times. 

In daylight, the brightly coloured fluorescent background fabric makes the wearer highly conspicuous. At night, Lumentex™ retroreflective tape bounces light – from headlights, for example – back to the source, so the wearer is visible even in poor weather conditions. Lastly, light-emitting Glowtex™ phosphorescence tape literally glows in the dark for up to 6 hours, after as little as 5 minutes’ exposure to daylight or artificial light.

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Are You Playing the Chemicals Lottery?

06-Oct-2017 05:32:00

If you provide protective gloves to everyone on your site who works with chemicals, you’re doing what’s right, right? You’re meeting your duty of care, and you’re complying with H&SE directives. But do you ever wonder if those directives really go far enough?

After all, with hundreds of chemicals available, surely it would be almost impossible for every type of glove to be tested against every single chemical?

The worrying fact is, you’d be right to wonder.

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Supporting Your Integrated Labelling System

24-Sep-2017 05:02:00

The advantages of Smart Manufacturing including increased production control, centralised monitoring and continuous improvement data can be fully enabled by a complete integrated printed circuit board labelling system.

Brady offers label creation software with automation options, next to advice, support and full collaboration with third parties to help integrate our traceability solutions in your production line.

On top of an included 1 year warranty, Brady offers premium support service agreements for both the BSP61 Print and Apply System and the ALF14 Label Feeder. Service agreements are fully customisable to your needs and can include premium support by phone and/or support at your premises.

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Tough Chemical Protection and Unparalleled Comfort for Paint Work

17-Sep-2017 04:26:00

Paint shop workers are exposed to harsh chemicals and aggressive solvents when mixing and spraying paints. Even after their work is done, they need to protect hands when cleaning paint guns and robotic spray heads. Because their fingers have to reach in and around the small parts and pieces of this equipment, paint shop workers need thin chemical protection that offers good tactile sensitivity and dexterity.

Ansell’s Microflex 93-260 offers superior support for workers in such an environment. Microflex 93-260 is the thinnest chemical resistant disposable glove available. Because it offers greater tactile sensitivity than most traditional chemical gloves while protecting against a broad spectrum of chemicals it helps paint shop workers handle and clean their equipment more efficiently and effectively.

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Durable Auto-Apply Labels

14-Sep-2017 05:02:00

When you’ve made the decision to use automated labelling in your plant to support your smart manufacturing realisation, you need to select an appropriate label for your needs.

The B-7727 polyimide printed circuit board label from Brady is specifically designed for auto-apply applications. Brady’s specially designed APL (Auto Apply Label) range has a reduced liner width and works with a smaller ribbon for ultra-compatibility with auto-apply systems. 

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Benefits of Fit-Testing Hearing Protectors

11-Sep-2017 04:02:00

Let’s try a quick quiz.  Your facility has continuous noise measuring 100 decibels (dBA) - a hazardous noise level.  Your worker wears an earplug with a rating number on the package of 30 dB.  How much noise is reaching the eardrum of the worker?  If you answer 70 dB, you are probably quite far off.

It’s a question that strikes at the core of hearing conservation efforts, yet most safety professionals have little idea how much protection is obtained by a noise-exposed worker. In fact, very few workers themselves would know how much protection they are achieving. The Single Number Rating (SNR) on the package is intended to estimate the protection level a particular earplug is capable of delivering in idealised laboratory conditions when it is properly fit. But repeated studies show that in the real world of industrial noise, exposed workers sometimes only obtain a fraction of that rating number ... perhaps 5 dB or less, not the 30 dB on the package.

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Advanced Protection, Grip and Comfort for Automotive Technicians

08-Sep-2017 04:42:00

Automotive technicians need protection from oil and grease when performing daily tasks with sharp objects and greasy tools. Some gloves have the tendency to become saturated, leading to increased injury risk and decreased grip control. In the worst situations, saturated gloves become so uncomfortable that workers lose their focus or remove their gloves, putting themselves at risk for cut injuries.

Too many workers today put up with the distractions and potential consequences caused by uncomfortable or inadequate gloves. Over time, it is a situation that has become their new normal – their default comfort zone. Automotive technicians need a better combination of protection, durability and performance in a lightweight wearable glove to successfully complete everyday tasks – and stay safe. And thankfully, Ansell has the solution.


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Enable Smart Manufacturing

06-Sep-2017 04:29:00

In Smart Manufacturing machines and systems generate, analyse and use data to optimise production efficiency, create flexible manufacturing processes and respond quickly at low cost to changes in demand. An Industry 4.0 Smart Factory employs only systems that are interconnected and able to send or receive data from the other systems in the supply chain. 


Every Circuit Board Can Generate Data

Via durable product labels that remain legible throughout entire production cycles, applied by accurate, automated print & apply systems, Brady can connect every circuit board in production to your Smart Factory. With our solution, every circuit board you produce can become a data generator to send information to your Manufacturing Execution System, to other machines and production cycles, or to your supply chain both up- and downstream.

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Now (Do More Than) Wash Your Hands, Please

25-Aug-2017 05:32:00

It’s been drummed into us all since childhood: after you’ve used the lavatory, wash your hands. It even used to be printed on the toilet paper. This kind of hand hygiene practice is important wherever you are. But in the industrial environment it shouldn’t stop at the lavatory door. 

If you’re in the food processing industry, then hand hygiene is non-negotiable across the entire factory floor. Yet even in other production processes, there’s more importance to clean hands than simply good manners and what our mothers taught us. 

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Whose Ear Is It Anyway?

04-Aug-2017 05:16:00

Hearing damage from excessive exposure to loud noise is an occupational hazard, particularly in industry. That’s why it’s so important to provide effective hearing protection to anyone exposed to noise during their working day. And effective means right for the purpose, the person and their ear.

Howard Leight – part of Honeywell – have been promoting hearing conservation and manufacturing earplugs for over 30 years, so they know all about choosing, fitting and wearing them.

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Topics: News, Best Practice, Health & Safety, PPE, Tools, Safety and Maintenance

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