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Safety is in Your Hands

28-Mar-2017 10:43:45

The waste and recycling industry is a dangerous one to work in. It’s true that the number of accidents has fallen in recent years – but it’s still four times higher than the national average, and even double the rate in manufacturing and construction. Fortunately, reducing accidents further can be as quick and easy as putting on a pair of gloves.

Construction poses dangers from falling masonry and falls from scaffolding, for example. Manufacturing can involve heavy machinery and fast-moving components. Waste and recycling’s dangers may not be so obvious or so dramatic, but they still have to be faced every day, and they can be life-changing too.

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A Major Cause of Industrial Injury, and How to Protect Against It

17-Oct-2016 07:18:17

Can you name the industrial injury which affected an estimated 15,000 people in the UK last year?

It’s an invisible threat, yet ever-present in industries ranging from construction to engineering and manufacturing.  Many of the protection methods available are:

  • Ineffective
  • Costly
  • Wasteful, or
  • Simply ignored

The answer is noise, and hearing loss isn’t the only problem it can cause.

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An Explosive Topic Neutralised by RX

10-Oct-2016 06:47:51

If you’re holding an ordinary metal tool in your hand in a potentially explosive environment, you might as well be holding a match.

All it takes is a single accidental contact and you could create a spark that ignites the vapours, liquids or dusts present in the atmosphere – with a bang!

That’s why ERIKS, with our Zero Accidents Policy and commitment to take safety seriously, recommend and supply the extensive RX range of non-sparking safety tools. From commonly used tools like hammers, spanners and screwdrivers, wire brushes and wrenches, to more specialist items like pipe wrenches, wire strippers, hexagon keys and wrecking bars, the RX non-sparking range allows you to work as normal even in an ATEX zone.

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World 1st for Hand Hygiene

05-Oct-2016 06:17:00

The world’s first alcohol-based foam hand sanitiser, formulated to kill 99.999% of many common germs in just 15 seconds, has been launched by Deb Group.

84% of users in an independent survey said they preferred new Deb InstantFOAM ® Complete foam format over alcohol-based gels. But pleasant to use doesn’t mean pleasant to germs.

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Concrete Doesn't Cut it for Wearwell

28-Apr-2016 08:15:37

Workstation mats have proven to generate a substantial rate of return not just in terms of financial benefits, but also in improved employee morale and productivity.  

The question arises, how do you achieve the same benefits for larger areas?

Ergonomic flooring is emerging as that solution. The main difference between workstation mats and ergonomic flooring is the ability to properly customize the product on-site.

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How to Avoid the Second Most Common Occupational Health Problem

12-Feb-2016 13:21:22

deb-stoko-hand-washingIt costs €600m a year across the EU, it results in 3 million lost working days a year, it can even force workers to change their jobs! 

What is it? Occupational skin disease.

But it’s not only your employees’ health and well-being that can be affected. Reduced efficiency and productivity, and increased costs to your business, are all effects that can be associated with this very real risk.

Employers have legal obligations to protect against the problem, but getting the right protection, in the most cost-effective way, needs a clear understanding of the particular problems in your business, and experience of how to solve them.

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How Can You Help Improve Your Employee's Health?

14-Jan-2016 12:53:00

“This year I resolve to take better care of myself.” 

This is a common statement that many employees work hard to fulfil.

What are you doing as an employer to assist them in reaching their goal, and what benefits could this have for your company? 

Wearwell have a few solutions...

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RX Launches New Range of Industrial Wiping Products

28-Sep-2015 00:00:00

RX has launched a new portfolio of highly absorbent industrial wiping products to help cope with heavy duty cleaning tasks and small-scale spillages.

The portfolio, which is exclusive to ERIKS, includes general purpose and speciality wet wipes and cloths, and is available in a variety of durability levels to cater for different market sectors and the taking care of the diverse liquids involved.

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Safety at Your Fingertips with RX

04-Aug-2015 09:32:00

Providing appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for your employees is not just good sense. It’s also the law.

As Regulation 4 of the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992  states: “every employer shall ensure that suitable personal protective equipment is provided to his employees who may be exposed to a risk to their health or safety while at work”.

Of course, providing the equipment and ensuring it’s used are two different matters. But one way to encourage people to wear or use the PPE you provide, is to choose solutions which are not only appropriate to the task and its associated hazards, but also comfortable in everyday use.

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Millennia 2G: The Next Generation of Stylish Safety Eyewear

12-Nov-2014 14:24:00


Employees' health and safety come first in an industrial working environment. It is crucial that the correct personal protective equipment is used at all times but comfort and convenience should not be compromised either.

Honeywell have designed Millennia 2G as an addition to their "Put it On and Go!" category which can bring you style, safety and comfort in one!  

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