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Prevention is Better Than Cure

07-Nov-2017 04:20:00

It doesn’t take much to make a centrifugal pump break down. But that’s no consolation as you watch the downtime tick by and the costs of lost production rack up. Hopefully, knowing how easy it is to prevent simple problems becoming catastrophic failures will make you feel better.

A pump bearing failure, for example, is bad enough. Discovering it resulted from misalignment; that the misalignment was caused by loss of clamp load between assemblies; and that a simple loose fastener kicked off the whole chain of events, only makes it worse.

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Sealing the Deal

01-Nov-2017 04:58:00

If you want to achieve optimum productivity, then efficiency and reliability are part of the deal. For air, water and gas pipes and hoses, that means no leaky joints. Which means you need an efficient and reliable method of sealing them.

As with most things in equipment maintenance and repair, there’s a traditional method and a more up-to date method. But unless you’re from the “that’s what we do because we’ve always done it” school, the question you need to ask is which method works, works first time, and works most reliably for longest?

Let’s compare traditional sealing using non-curing pipe compounds, with Henkel’s LOCTITE® branded adhesives.

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Hybrid Adhesive Technology Webinar

26-Oct-2017 15:30:19

All structural adhesives have their strengths and weaknesses but Henkel’s new hybrid technology massively extends the possibilities. To demonstrate the merits of this major advance in structural bonding, Henkel is staging a webinar on 31st October 2017, from 11.00 to 11.45 hours. 

During the session delegates will learn how these Hybrid Universal Bonders complement established technologies, offer new possibilities and simplify product selection for both assembly and repair applications.

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Introducing Limitless Bonding from Loctite

19-Oct-2017 04:33:00

With so many potential applications for adhesives, and in so many different environments, finding the right one for the right job can be a job in itself – and using the wrong one can have all kinds of unwanted results.

So unless you want to carry a separate toolbox just to hold all your adhesive options, you need an effective general-purpose solution you can rely on in almost all situations. And that’s exactly what the latest LOCTITE® structural bonders from Henkel offer.

The new Henkel® range of LOCTITE Universal Structural Bonders is a breakthrough in structural bonding. As the demands users make on bonders are changing, Henkel has specially formulated the new range to meet them – making it especially effective for assembly design and maintenance repair.

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ROCOL V-cut range for Machine Shop Owners

24-Sep-2017 14:25:00

ROCOL’s V-cut™ metalworking range is specially tailored for machine shop owners. V-cut is ROCOL’s “Value Engineered” cutting fluid brand, providing ROCOL’s performance and quality through some of the most cost effecting cutting fluids on the market.

Following extensive research in their in-house laboratories, the current achievements have now been surpassed and the value engineering ethos has never been greater.


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Not All Secret Ingredients are Good for Your Brand

15-Aug-2017 05:32:00

Coca-Cola has some. So does KFC. Barr’s Irn Bru and Worcestershire Sauce both contain ingredients they don’t want us to know about. But what if your food or drink product has a secret ingredient even you don’t know about – until it’s too late?

Those famous products’ recipes have ingredients which are deliberately added to enhance the flavour. And of course, those ingredients have all been thoroughly and carefully checked and approved for complete consumer safety. But accidental contaminants in your product are another matter. They’re potential “ingredients” of food and drink products that no producer wants in their recipe.

That means you have to eliminate the potential for contaminants to enter factory processes at any stage, including during plant and equipment maintenance.

Maintenance at the required intervals is essential, but using the correct food-grade lubricants is essential too. So choosing the FOODLUBE® range of high-performance lubricants from ROCOL® is your safest option.

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How to Save Lives With A Padlock

21-Jul-2017 05:01:00

Servicing, maintaining, cleaning and repairing equipment are dangerous activities. A worker only has to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when the machine starts up, and injury or even death could result. And with one death and 160 work-related accidents every 15 seconds1, the odds don’t look good.

Making sure the machinery simply can’t start, or be started, is the obvious answer. The only way to be absolutely certain of that is to isolate it from all its energy sources. The only way to be absolutely certain of that is to use the safety procedure that’s becoming more and more popular, as well as being best practice in all European countries and law in some.

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Be Prepared for Winter Maintenance with Loctite

13-Feb-2017 17:33:55

When the going get tough and temperatures hit sub-zero, the meet the beast, Loctite adhesives save you time and money. 

This powerhouse is responsible for grooming ski slopes at night when others are enjoying their après-ski.  It operates in temperatures around 30 degrees below freezing on slopes that can be more than 45 degrees steep and for this performance it relies on Loctite engineering adhesives to secure components and seal hydraulics. 

Although such extremes are not the norm in the UK, for any enterprise reliant upon plant and machinery for the smooth running of their business, the winter months bring additional risk. Mechanical failure costs time and money; dismantling and overhaul, overtime, hire of temporary plant, replacement parts - or in the worst case, the machine itself – and loss of profits.  Far better to avoid failure right from the start through preventative maintenance with MRO adhesive products that are truly fit for purpose.

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All You Need To Keep Quarry Plant Working Efficiently

02-Dec-2016 08:43:31

Everyone wants maximum productivity and reliability from their quarry plant and equipment but it’s a difficult task due to the harsh environment and machinery is subject to heavy vibration, shock and corrosion. 

Nuts and bolts shake loose, hydraulic and pneumatic systems leak and bearings fail.

LOCTITE® engineering adhesives and product systems for equipment build, repair and maintenance are available to rectify problems caused by wear, abrasion, erosion, corrosion and mechanical damage. 

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DeWalt Cutting the Cord - Not The Power

09-Nov-2016 06:33:00

Cordless power tools have always been a compromise between cordless convenience and mains power. Do you want tools that work anywhere – until their battery power runs out – or do you want unlimited power, but only as far as the power cord will reach?

Now you don’t have to choose. DeWalt® claim to have changed the game, with the launch of the DeWalt® XR FLEXVOLT battery pack. 

The world’s first 18/54V convertible battery pack, the XR FLEXVOLT means power tool users no longer have to choose restricted movement with a cable or reduced power with a battery. Now they can have all the power they need to work anywhere they want.

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