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Less Work, Less Cost, Less Stress

10-Feb-2017 06:22:00

As engineers spend 40% of their time sourcing parts why waste precious limited resource sourcing parts rather than fixing the job in hand?

A recent project ERIKS collaborated with Festo, shows how having the correct parts ready can not only save you precious time but also can reduce the cost and length of failure!

 The initial problem

ERIKS were contacted by a customer who was experiencing issues when building parts in one of their machines which were large, difficult to handle and time consuming to assemble.

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All in Good Taste

21-Dec-2016 06:02:00

Filled antipasti specialities are becoming increasingly popular, and an ever-expanding range of these products can be found on our supermarket shelves.

The job of filling these tiny delicacies used to be done by hand, and was therefore time-consuming and costly. A new machine from Karb Maschinenbau GmbH has made this process easier. Equipped with cylinders, valves and valve terminals from Festo, it fully automatically fills peppers and other choice foods with cream cheese.

Peppers, chillies and olives are classic Mediterranean antipasti. Many consumers are familiar with
Mediterranean cuisine and therefore expect high standards from these delicacies – they must be fresh,
tasty and a feast for the eyes.

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Save 60% in Your Pneumatic Systems

13-Dec-2016 12:44:31

Where some people see energy being wasted, others see potential energy savings. So if you have pneumatic or compressed air supply systems – especially if they’ve been installed for any length of time – you’ve got a significant source of wastage. But you’ve also got a source of savings of up to 60%. 

Energy costs represent the biggest chunk of the total cost of setting up and running compressed air systems. In fact, they account for around 75%. So allowing poor design, inappropriate use, incorrect settings and leaks to create inefficiencies and air losses can add up to a substantial waste of energy – and money – over the life of a system.

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New Stopper Cylinder Range from SMC

28-Nov-2016 06:02:00

To ensure market competitiveness most manufacturers, including supply chain experts, are recognising that improved productivity is often linked with increasing the levels of automation in their manufacturing facilities.

However, it's not quite this simple

For example, when adding more automation in a production and handling system the current “holy grail” is the need to consider future flexibility - making even individual component level selection a critical factor.

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Is Your Filtration Solution Hiding Horrors?

28-Oct-2016 09:31:59

We all know that there are many hidden horrors in our factories and plants. They are often overlooked, undervalued and pushed aside when maintenance teams have to react. But can a simple health check save you money and precious time?

Total Filtration Solutions

Recently ERIKS were asked to visit site and look at a “total” filtration solution for a radiator manufacturer who were experiencing several problems and issues on site. They included obsolescence on parts, some of which had not been used for over 10 years, and if a breakdown was to occur there would be an even longer delay in repair. 

We conducted an initial survey to identify and create a working log the various units.

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Top Tips for Improved Air Preparation from Festo

09-Aug-2016 12:44:05

Efficient use of compressed air is an area where many manufacturing operations can make considerable savings, and it doesn’t have to be difficult, paying attention to a few simple guidelines in the design and maintenance of pneumatic air preparation systems can generate significant savings.

Below Festo provides specific tips on how to reduce your use of compressed air and in turn reduce your energy bill.

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How To Catch The Ones That Get Away

01-Jun-2016 15:15:54

Making customer-specific conveyor systems is the speciality of the Czech company I.A.N. Technic spol s.r.o. So when a customer wanted a label-checking system to maximise precision handling and minimise product waste on a new production line for fish delicacies, they didn’t believe it would be a problem to find one.

However, after several weeks of searching the market for a standard solution, they realised the system component they wanted simply didn’t exist. Which meant their next search was for a capable and reputable supplier to create one. Fortunately they found Festo.

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SMC Flow Switch Offering Becomes Broadest on Market

23-May-2016 07:55:20

Knowing a gas or liquid’s flow rate helps users save energy, isolate problems, and improve system operation.

With this in mind, SMC Pneumatics now offers one of the widest ranges of flow switches for liquids and dry inert gases, on the market.

SMC Pneumatics has added PFMB and PFMC switches to its established PFM series to measure air or Nitrogen flow, expanding the range capacity to measure flow rates from 0 to 2000 I/min.

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Invisible, Indispensable - and Inherently Risky?

04-May-2016 15:38:58

Almost all automation processes are potentially dangerous. So the key to creating a safe working environment for operators – and anyone else who comes into contact with a process – is to be aware of the potential dangers, and to take all feasible steps to eliminate, protect against, or provide warnings about them. Even when the danger comes from the most unexpected sources.

Compressed air is one of the most versatile and safe media for use in automation processes. Used correctly it’s efficient, adaptable, economical and clean. Like most other media in this context, it’s also generally safe – unless, that is, it’s used or handled incorrectly.

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Safe Systems – Protecting Operators and their Machines

10-Mar-2016 12:54:18

It is of vital importance that any industrial automation process is considered to provide a safe working environment for its operators and those around it. Compressed air is an extremely versatile and safe medium but if used incorrectly can also provide a major hazard to personal safety.

Ever present from the early days of machine automation, IMI Precision Engineering has been able to offer solutions that assist customers in achieving this safe workplace using many standard product ranges. In addition, with over 50 years of experience of more specific products designed primarily for use in safety applications helping customers meet the legal requirements of global or local legislation, for example, the European DIN EN ISO13849.

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