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Safer Hoses, Longer Lives

25-Jan-2018 05:58:00

Think about possible causes of a fire or explosion, and a rubber hose probably won’t feature on your list. But using the wrong type of hose to convey certain materials can lead to static electricity. Static electricity can lead to a spark… and we all know what that can lead to.

A non-electrically-conductive rubber hose is effectively a spark waiting to happen. Use it to transport a whole range of materials, from cyclohexane to xylene – and including hydrochloric or nitric acid, mineral oil, paint, petroleum or steam – and you are creating the ideal conditions for a dangerous build-up of static electricity. Only grounding the hose to earth will prevent the problem, and this requires connection to a steel helix (which is itself not 100% safe) or using static wires.

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Zero-Spillage & Minimal Risk Make a Good Coupl(ing)

19-Sep-2017 04:40:00

When working with fluid transfer applications, especially ones transferring hazardous or high value liquids, you need a reliable dry-disconnect solution which delivers zero spillage and minimal environmental and health & safety risks. 

MannTek’s Dry Disconnect Couplings are ideally suited for use in such areas. What’s more, MannTek products are able to withstand the harshest of environments from the blistering heat of the Middle East to the sub-zero temperatures of the arctic circle.

Due to application-based specifications and variants, MannTek’s range of couplings and adaptors, also referred to as tank and hose units, number in the thousands.

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Pick up a Python

12-Jan-2017 14:14:12

When you need a python for a beverage application, AS Rubber has a wide range of BevEx brand pythons, to meet a huge variety of requirements and regulations.

BevEx Standard Pythons meet the requirements of brewers and soft drinks companies, and other applications with soft drinks, water, wine and spirits. The products comply with all relevant regulations, from the FDA code to the EU “Plastic Materials and Articles in Contact with Food” Regulations, and the BBPA QAS 3244 for brewers and licensed retailers.

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Untangling Industrial Hose Specification in the Chemical Industry

15-Oct-2015 13:10:10

The science of industrial hose is one of the backbones of the UK chemical industry. However, with conflicting messages causing confusion amongst end-users, over-specification has become common practice.

This can end up needlessly costing the industry hundreds of thousands of pounds each and every year. Mark Carpenter, Product Manager at ERIKS Industrial Hose, and an expert in industrial hosing, outlines the current state of affairs. 

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How to Clamp Down on Ducting Assembly Costs

20-Apr-2015 09:03:00

Do you sometimes feel there are only two choices when you need to connect ducting? Either you pay more than you really want to, for manufacturers’ crimped ducting assemblies. Or you use low-cost worm drive clips, but at the expense of non-compliance.

If that sounds familiar, you’ll be pleased to learn there’s actually another alternative that’s not only cost-effective, but also re-usable, FDA complaint, and unique.

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Permanent Antistatic Hose Solutions for Bulk Materials

30-Mar-2015 10:53:00

NORRES Schlauchtechnik presents its widel expanded range of permanently antistatic hoses in its anniversary year. These hoses provide a permanently constant conductivity without any migrating antistatic agents.

A property which strengthens the reliability of these hoses in the everyday use of bulk goods and at the same time substantially extends the areas of use.

125 and Counting

In its 125th year, NORRES Schlauchtechnik has committed to 125 innovations to mark the anniversary. 

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Hose Asset Management System Offers Complete Tracking

09-Feb-2015 10:52:00

Health and Safety inspections cause headaches at the best of times, but combine this with 4 different sites   and endless hoses, finding the appropriate text certificate at the push of button can be a problem - but not when you enlist the help of ERIKS Hose Technology.


Heineken had no system in place to manage its hoses. They had no idea how many hoses they had or their condition and could not find the appropriate test certificates when requested by their Health and Safety department.

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Top 10 Tips - Hose Assembly

26-Feb-2014 10:26:00

1. Respect your hoses and fittings.  Since they are often perceived as commodity items, few engineers spend a lot of time thinking about hoses and fittings.  As a consequence, they are often poorly specified and installed, then ignored once they have been fitted into machinery.  However, the incorrect selection of materials will typically lead to an unnecessarily rapid deterioration over time, while the wrong choice of hose fittings or clamps can result in a sudden and often catastrophic failure. 

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How Long Is a Piece of Hose?

19-Feb-2014 09:35:00

How long is a problem with a piece of hose going to hold up your process? A few minutes? A few hours? A few days? It all depends on the nature of the problem, the type of hose, the knowledge available in-house, and the availability of a suitable replacement. But by establishing a National Hose Database for customers, ERIKS aims to cut hose problems and resulting downtime to the minimum.

Hoses aren't a problem until they're a problem. But then, whether it's a minor leak in a water hose or a major burst in a hose carrying dangerous chemicals, the consequences can range from extended downtime to employee injury, or anything in between. And once something goes wrong, the difficulties are only beginning. 

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