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Access All Areas with OKS

01-Dec-2016 05:39:00

When a lubrication point is hard to access, how do you lubricate? And when it’s a food industry application, how do you lubricate with an NSF registered lubricant? OKS has the answer, in an aerosol.

When they need a proven, food-safe, waterproof high-pressure grease, many people already choose OKS 480. Now OKS 481 provides all the same benefits, in a 400ml aerosol. That means you can apply a fully synthetic, NSF H1 registered grease even to the trickiest lubrication points.

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Locked-in Safer Maintenance from Ambersil

01-Nov-2016 07:53:19

Ambersil’s new Food Processing Safe® PERMA-LOCK® system is designed to minimise risk when using maintenance chemicals.

The PERMA-LOCK® dual position spray system does away with the cap entirely, and locks-in the straw to the button. So with no detachable parts, there’s nothing that can fall off and contaminate the processing area.

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Cleaning Up Confusion, for Less with RX Maintenance Sprays

14-Sep-2015 08:30:00

Maintenance sprays are a growing market. That can mean you’re more likely to find a spray to do the job you want – but when there are so many choices it can also make it harder to find the right spray at the right price.

  • Which spray is most effective for your requirements?
  • Will it be compatible with your particular application?
  • Does it really represent good value for money?
  • And where can you find it at the lowest cost?

It’s to help you answer these questions that the RX range of Bearing and Lubrication Maintenance Sprays has been introduced.  

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Reduce Maintenance Costs and Downtime with Simalube

03-Aug-2015 13:53:00

The application of a simalube fully automated lubrication system greatly extends the service life of components such as bearings, chains, gearwheels, conveyors and other mechanical pieces. The reduced maintenance and downtime of equipment also contibutes to a reduction in overall costs.

In factories where lots of dust and dirt is present, regular lubrication is important. Badly lubricated components can be quickly damaged and must then be replaced. This leads to interruptions in production and higher costs.

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WD-40, It Simply Works!

14-Apr-2015 14:13:00

There aren’t many people in industry who haven’t used or heard of WD-40 Multi-Use Product at some point in their careers to care for their tools & equipment or solve a problem.

More than 60 years on from the creation of the famous formula we look at how the product still remains relevant & continues to dependably serve industry.

WD-40 Multi-Use Product, aka the famous blue and yellow can is one of the most unusual products used in industry.

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Less Is More with RX Maintenance Sprays

07-Aug-2014 12:00:00

The new range of RX Maintenance Sprays, exclusive to ERIKS,are designed to cover the most common industrial applications providing you with readily available lubrication solutions.

The variety of maintenance sprays on the market nowadays can make it almost impossible to make the right choice and find the most compatible solution for your specific requirements as a customer.

However, the new RX Maintenance Sprays offering has been developed to provide you with proven high quality products which cover a variety of industrial sectors.

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Topics: News, Bearings & Lubrication

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