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An Open-and-Shut Case of Compliance

11-Oct-2017 04:39:00

An FDA audit is a testing time – in every sense of the word – for many businesses. And even the largest businesses can find themselves falling short of requirements for FDA compliance.

In the case of one global pharmaceutical and healthcare company, it was the manway door seals on their storage vessels at one of their UK facilities which failed to meet with the FDA auditor’s approval. To achieve the necessary compliance before production could start, all the seals on all the vessels – each one with a capacity of thousands of litres – had to be changed.

Faced with the potentially tricky task of finding a suitable sealing material, and given the scale of the replacement operation and the speed at which it needed to be carried out, the company called in ERIKS Seals and Polymer to lend their expertise and assistance. 


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Setting New Standards in Gasket Emission Reduction

06-Jun-2016 15:22:38

In many industries, fugitive emissions are not only an environmental issue but a health and safety concern too. But now there’s a new gasket from a new ERIKS brand, which doesn’t simply solve the problem, but sets the standard for competitors to match.

In process piping or fuel refineries – to name just two locations – dealing with fugitive emissions is an essential task. The health and safety aspect has always been crucial, of course, but as environmental legislation introduces ever tighter constraints, finding the most effective solution becomes even more pressing.

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The First Easily Removeable Graphite Gasket

17-Dec-2015 11:41:22

Introducing the first graphite gasket that is easy to remove from the flange - with XP Technology. This latest innovation of gaskets is available from ERIKS’ Flow Technology Division and is designed to reduce your maintenance costs and increase plant reliability.

In addition to offering quality own brands such as the RX range of gaskets, ERIKS Flow Technology stocks market leading brands such as Frenzelit. And it’s Frenzelit who have launched a new generation of gaskets featuring “Extended Performance” – or XP – technology.

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