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Pump Bearings: Designed for Reliability and Long Life

07-Dec-2017 06:26:00

New bearing development from SKF that promises improved speed, reduced friction, better reliability, and longer service life for pumps.

Often to be found at the heart of a process or manufacturing operation, the ubiquitous pump is frequently taken for granted, being expected to operate continually while receiving minimal maintenance over the course of its life. A pump's performance will change over time, depending upon its operating conditions, its materials of construction, hydraulic design and mechanical robustness. From the perspective of mechanical design, bearings – and more particularly the type of pump motor bearings selected - will have a considerable impact on a pump's long term reliability, its energy efficiency and life expectancy.

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Load Ratings Increased by up to 44% and Rating Life Extended Threefold

28-Sep-2017 04:09:00

With its new KUSE six-row linear recirculating ball bearing and guideway assembly, Schaeffler has proved that significant technological advances in linear technology are still possible even for well-established products. KUSE X-life assemblies are highly accurate and run extremely quietly, enabling their use in measuring machines.

The infeed zones in linear recirculating ball bearing and guideway assemblies, i.e. the area in which the rolling elements are guided into the load-carrying element until the load is fully applied, are critical factors for life-limited components. These zones ensure that the load is gradually rather than abruptly applied to the rolling element. By improving the design of the infeed zone on the carriage saddle plates, Schaeffler has now succeeded in increasing the load ratings for six-row KUSE linear recirculating ball bearing and guideway assemblies by up to 44%, depending on the size and design. As a result, the rating life is three times higher than that of conventional designs. Due to the significant increase in performance, the redesigned KUSE series has been awarded the Schaeffler X-life quality mark. 

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Plug-and-play Linear Systems for Production Machines

18-Sep-2017 04:09:00

In order to meet very short development times for machine tools and other special purpose production machines, manufacturers expect their linear technology suppliers to offer not only linear components but also plug-and-play subsystems, engineering, drives technology and other technical support services, including final assembly, cabling, set up of control parameters and commissioning.

Schaeffler’s Linear Technology division in Homburg specialises in ready-to-use, project-specific linear systems. An intelligent mix of customisable, high performance linear system components from Schaeffler, as well as mechanical and electrical drive elements from well-known suppliers and partners, form the basis of ready-to-use, cost effective linear systems and solutions. 

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Timken Opens New European Plant

02-Sep-2017 04:54:00

Timken recently celebrated the grand opening of its new plant in Prahova county, Romania. The company’s second Romanian facility caters to the global demand for highly engineered Timken® tapered roller bearings in sizes up to 300 mm in diameter.

Located on a 15,000-square-meter site and built at a cost of nearly $60 million, the state-of-the art facility initially employs 120 associates.

The new facility is located close to the existing large bearing industrial facility in Ploiesti. Rich Kyle, Timken CEO, said, “I’m delighted to launch our second plant in Romania. It strengthens our footprint in Europe and helps us meet local and global customer needs. It will manufacture competitively and accelerate product development.”

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Driven by Data

14-Jun-2017 10:30:13

In every sector, uptime, reliability and consistent high performance are top priorities for the owners and operators of machinery. Maximising the total
productivity of an asset requires a lifecycle approach, starting with a robust design and high quality components, and extending through manufacturing,
installation and commissioning, and operations and maintenance.

With expertise in rotating equipment that dates back to 1907, SKF has developed a comprehensive range of tools and services designed to help users get the best out of their machines at every stage in that lifecycle. The company’s latest offerings take full advantage of advanced digital technologies – from network connected devices and sensors to comprehensive cloud-based analysis and support capabilities.

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SKF Seizes Counterfeit Bearings in West Yorkshire Raid

21-Mar-2017 18:15:45

SKF has participated in a raid against a company trading counterfeit bearings in the West Yorkshire area.

A raid, led by members of the West Yorkshire Trading Standards authority alongside staff from SKF's Brand Protection Team, has resulted in the seizure of counterfeit bearings which otherwise could have been sold on to unsuspecting industrial customers and end-users. Several thousands of bearings, of more than170 different types and sizes were seized, with an estimated total weight of 1.5 tons. A wide range of products was seized, including items used in automotive applications as well as industrial machinery.

During the raid, SKF learned that counterfeit goods had been sold on to many customers in the UK by the non-authorised distributor. Bearings from other brands, allegedly sourced from the same suppliers as the counterfeit SKF products, are also suspected to be non-genuine.
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ULTAGE Super Precision Bearings to be Produced in Europe

02-Feb-2017 07:42:17

NTN-SNR is investing nearly 7.6 million euros in its plant in Mettmann (Germany) to manufacture its first premium range of spindle bearings for machine tools, starting in 2017. A first in Europe.

Japan will no longer be the only country producing the ULTAGE Super Precision range. NTN-SNR is adapting its plant in Mettman, Germany, to produce its premium range of spindle bearings for machine tools starting in 2017.

These bearings are the fruit of NTN’s historic expertise “Setting up industrial facilities in Europe will allow us to handle the demands of the local market more
efficiently,” said Francis Travostino, Head of NTN-SNR’s Spindle 2017 Project.

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NSK unveils AIP+ Added Value Programme

02-Aug-2016 13:13:27

To help ensure the optimised and profitable operation of machinery and equipment, NSK has introduced its AIP+ Added Value Programme.

Designed to deliver a complete bearing care package, AIP+ uses a quartet of innovative maintenance and service tools – condition monitoring, mounting tools, laser alignment and lubrication solutions – which have been carefully developed to help maximise machine performance and operating life.

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How SKF Lengthens Bearing Service Life by the Power of 3

13-Jul-2016 10:16:32

In the highly contaminated, dusty, dirty operating environment of a mine or quarry, machinery has a hard life. But even here, the power of the SKF three-barrier solution – combined with the new SKF Taconite seal – has been proven to lengthen equipment service life by up to three times.

Quarry, coal, cement and other mineral dust isn’t just dust. It’s highly abrasive dust. Abrasive dust that can find its way into machinery, and mix with the lubricant inside to accelerate the wear and failure of bearings, seals, gears, couplings and other rotating parts. The low operating speeds and high loads of conveyors – and the sometimes high temperature environments – only make the problem worse.

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Making Shock (Loads) Less Shocking

28-Jun-2016 16:34:12

If you find yourself replacing your bearing housings as often as you replace your bearings, you have a crisis on your hands. The usual ratio of housing to bearing swaps is 1:3, so replacing housings more frequently is a sure sign there’s something wrong.

In quarrying and mining applications in particular, bearings have a hard life. Conveyors and crushers often experience high levels of shock loads and, as the name suggests, vibration screens vibrate. So it’s essential to choose a bearing and housing which can take the punishment without failing prematurely.

Identify the cause of the bearing failure, and choose the most appropriate solution for the application, and you can extend bearing life, reduce downtime, and cut the cost of replacement parts and lost production.

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