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Only 34% of Manufacturing Executives Believe Their Staff Take Cyber Security Seriously

17-Aug-2017 05:21:00

The Government has recently launched its Cyber Security Breaches Survey: 2017, which details business action on cyber security and the impact of cyber breaches and attacks.

According to the survey, only 34 per cent of manufacturing executives think their core staff take cyber security seriously on a day-to-day basis which is significantly low compared to other sectors where this figure is 76%.

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Monitoring Materials Handling

05-Apr-2016 11:17:23

The most commonly heard comment about condition monitoring of Materials Handling equipment is that “it can’t be done”. But with know-how correctly applied, it not only can be – it has been.

Materials handling equipment is used mostly for short duration, repetitive operations, with shock loads. All of which, many people believe, make it impossible to take meaningful vibration or thermographic readings. But that’s simply not true.

All it requires is the knowledge and experience to identify what and where to monitor. The understanding and insight to decide the correct parameters to monitor. And the expertise to extrapolate the data, to provide useful results.

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Never Be Caught Out with ERIKS Condition Monitoring Solutions

09-Oct-2015 15:25:39

Be prepared, expect the unexpected, and you’ll never be caught out. We don’t give out badges for it, but that’s exactly the thinking behind Condition Monitoring.

Carried out effectively, it can tell you not only the current condition of your machines, but also what problems to be prepared for in the future. And ERIKS’ Condition Monitoring goes one step further – not just diagnosing problems and highlighting potential problems, but prescribing the cure too.

This means you can avoid unexpected downtime and repairs, and the costly implications of a minor problem developing into a catastrophic failure.
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EU Recognise Optical Gas Imaging as Way to Detect VOCs

20-May-2015 09:30:00

Optical Gas ImagingAs of 9th October 2014 the EU Parliament and the Council on Industrial Emissions for the refining of mineral oil and gas have come up with a set of rules and guidelines for the monitoring and control of emissions from the production of mineral oil and gas. 

Part of these guidelines refers to limiting the sources of the emissions and the 2 methods of identification mentioned are Sniffing and Optical. 

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Multi-Spectral Imaging from FLIR

02-Feb-2015 08:00:00

Thermal imaging is getting more affordable and even smarter and is now one of the primary methods for electro-mechanical condition monitoring. Numerous hardware and software advances have contributed to the growing popularity of this versatile technology but FLIR is responsible for the latest game-changer.

It’s called multi-spectral imaging - MSX® - and now a standard feature on almost all models in the FLIR range of thermal imaging cameras from ERIKS.

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Let Our Condition Monitoring Sensor System Take Care of Your Baby

23-Jul-2014 15:51:00

Think of an item of your production equipment.

Now think of it as your baby (perhaps you already do). Of course you want to give your baby the best care and protection you can.

But on the other hand, you don’t want to be dragged out of bed every five minutes just because your baby turns over or burps. So what you need for your plant is a more intelligent baby monitor, that helps you tell the difference between a cry for help and a sleepy snuffle.  

What you need is an ERIKS condition monitoring sensor system.

An ERIKS sensor system is a highly cost-effective alternative to a full-blown vibration sensing set-up (which is more like a full-time nanny). Instead of keeping a 24-hour eye on your equipment and alerting you to the slightest variation from the norm, it intelligently interprets the data coming from the machine, and decides – for each individual deviation from pre-set parameters – whether or not you need to be alerted.

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Aiming for Prevention

29-May-2014 14:52:00

Predictive Maintenance Solutions, keeping your site up and running, reducing unnecessary downtime and in turn ensuring increased productivity levels.Condition_Image

At ERIKS we understand the importance of the surveillance, protection and healthcare of key assets and condition monitoring plays a big part in this. Moving from reactive maintenance to predictive maintenance can mean big benefits for your site.

With different levels of condition monitoring available, you need to ensure you have the right solution suited to you and your site, dependent on the criticality of your assets.

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