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Hybrid Filters Help Improve Digital Ink Production

29-Sep-2017 04:26:00

Amazon Filters has introduced the SupaPleat Plus Ink filter range to help digital ink manufacturers solve issues relating to inconsistent jetting.

The increased complexity of ink formulations and the sensitivity of modern print head designs has led to an increased occurrence of blocking by particulates and microgels, this means effective filtration is paramount. Working with leading manufacturers of Digital Ink - Amazon Filters has developed a dedicated range of filters designed to provide optimum filtration for all print head technologies.

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Major European Wine Producer Selects Amazon Filters

23-Sep-2017 04:26:00

Amazon Filters announces that a major European winery has selected SupaPore FPW and VPWS cartridge filters to lower the operational cost of white wine production.

For several years previously the winery had been using competitors filter products to process 1.8 million litres of white wine at 2000 litres / hour. However with the ever increasing costs of filtration and levels of service and support decreasing, the wine producer sought an alternative.

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Customised Housings for Large Pharmaceutical Company Ensures Critical Delivery of Drugs

20-Sep-2017 15:17:00

Amazon Filters has supplied a major pharmaceutical manufacturer with bespoke filtration equipment enabling them to fulfil a contract to deliver critical drugs to a leading children’s hospital.

Faced with a shortfall of the required critical drugs, as they couldn’t get the right filtration equipment to filter them and carry on production, the pharmaceutical manufacturer turned to Amazon Filters for a solution.

Neil Pizzey, Managing Director of Amazon Filters, commented "Faced with the possibility of children not receiving critical drugs, we prioritised our production schedule enabling us to meet the 4 week lead time given to deliver the bespoke filtration equipment to the customer This was met and we are proud to report that they went on to produce the required medication on time and to a high quality.

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Highly Efficient Wine Pre-Filtration

16-Sep-2017 04:26:00

SupaPore FPW Microfiltration cartridges from Amazon Filters have been widely proven as highly efficient membrane pre-filters by leading wine producers and bottlers.

Wine making is a combination of modern technology and traditional craft. The control or removal of contaminants such as bacteria, crystals, particles, treatment residue and yeast is critical to ensure the taste and shelf-life of the wine.

Manufactured from highest quality filter materials, contained within a robust polypropylene assembly, SupaPore FPW filters are designed to meet the high and exacting standards seen in modern wineries.

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Topics: News, Innovation, Filtration, Fluid Power, Transfer & Control

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