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6 Sins that Reduce Storeroom Efficiency

12-Jul-2017 06:07:00

eriks-man-in-storeroom.jpgEfficiencies, productivity and profitability are usually terms saved for your production lines. However as stockrooms up and down the country are becoming less effectively used, we must shift our focus onto these potential financial black holes.

With companies regularly facing small daily inefficiencies, overtime this adds up ultimately effecting their business operations.

Andy Silver, ERIKS IS Commercial and Operations Director for the UK, stresses the importance of an ‘effective storeroom management’. By implementing a better layout, housekeeping duties, stock identification and relocation, return handling and collection points we can dramatically enhance the stockroom.

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Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

27-May-2016 09:25:01

The UK has become synonymous with industrial excellence, driving forward a vast array of market sectors since the dawn of the industrial revolution nearly 250 years ago.

Yet despite the UK’s industrial pedigree, a number of basic errors are creeping in, at crucial points in the supply chain, particularly when it comes to the state of the nation’s storerooms.

In light of the findings from a new report on the subject, Andy Silver, Customer Services Director, at ERIKS UK, discusses some of the biggest issues affecting storeroom management across the UK industrial sector.

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The UK's Biggest Stocktake

07-Dec-2015 00:00:00

For effective operation of a factory store, regular stocktaking is crucial. But a recent “stocktake” by ERIKS in association with the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) went further.

It was a nationwide survey of IET members, to find out just how they organise, manage and run their factory stores – and even how often they conduct a stocktake.

The results were fascinating, surprising, and in some cases very worrying.

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Topics: News, Innovation, Onsite Solutions, Efficiency, Stores Management

What are Engineers Describing as "Frustrating, Morale Sapping, a Mess"

01-Dec-2015 07:00:00

What are these engineers and maintenance personnel talking about? Redundancies? Factory closures? Management crises?

Nothing as dramatic as that.

They’re simply describing their organisations’ factory stores, in a major new survey by ERIKS and the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) Click to download

The survey gave them, and storeroom personnel, the chance to report anonymously on how their factory stores were managed – or not – and run from day to day.

The shocking results show that what’s going wrong in storerooms throughout the country reverberates right across the organisations they’re supposed to serve, resulting in wasted time and money, inefficiency and lost production.

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Topics: News, Innovation, Best Practice, Onsite Solutions, Efficiency, Stores Management

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