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Fast, Flexible Motors from Dunkermotoren

03-Jul-2017 07:14:00

Developing tubular linear motors that allow machines to operate at increasingly higher speeds whilst maintaining pinpoint precision, using less energy and with low noise and minimal maintenance is a key focus for Dunkermotoren.

Its new ServoTube XTA25 and XTBA25 options are good examples of close working relationships with customers with the objectives of improving processes, cutting energy costs and boosting profitability.

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There's Nothing Mechanical About Automation

21-May-2014 12:30:00

To successfully automate a process or part of a process, suppliers need to offer a tailor-made solution, not a 'mechanical' response with existing components, straight out of the box or off the shelf.

All applications and requirements are different, so all automation solutions should be different too, if they are truly to meet the needs of OEM's and their customers.

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